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Not all parents that stalk are narcissistic. My mother (then 74) had turned on me after I had been her caregiver for many years. I was angry and didn't know what I did to deserve this. I did what was normal and distanced myself from her, but as she grew older she began to drive by my home, tell anyone who would listen that I was stalking her (of course I wasn't) had gotten into her condo, etc., etc. Since she lived in a high security building this was impossible. The shock of my life came when my mother sent the RCMP to my home (they came late at night) and she had charged me with stalking HER! Of course the police were indiscrete and kind, and had dealt with this many times before with the elderly. It crushed me beyond belief. It wasn't until my mother (who was also diabetic) was found by her housekeeper wandering around her condo and had not eaten her breakfast and was in a bad state of affairs. She was rushed off to hospital and her GP (my doctor as well) took this opportunity to "pink slip" her. This meant that she would get a psychiatric evaluation and would have to be transferred to a nursing home because she was 83 at the time, a danger to herself and to others in the building where she lived because she would forget she had a kettle on the stove or a pot and they would be burned black. It was during this time that they found out she had dementia and she could have had it for several years. I was heartbroken yet again. All this time I thought she just didn't love me. I was blessed with the fact that they gave my mother a drug called "Respiradol" and she was almost her old self and we did strike up a good relationship before she passed away a year later in the nursing home.
When my mother was stalking me, sending me terrible letters and constantly called the RCMP on me, I had to take a step in life that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do ... put a retraining order against her! I just went to a lawyer and had it done. I had no choice as I was a basket case over it, so I do know what you are going through.
The only alternative you have is to get a restraining order against your mother and I know that is going to be harder on you than you think, but a necessary action for you to survive in a normal lifestyle. If you can't do this it is best to move and tell no one where you are moving too.
Good luck Marcy
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