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How do you stop a narcissistic parent from stalking you?

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You can't. Ignore all contact. Every time you respond they see it as reinforcement for what they do. Get the book Gift of Fear and read chapter 8 about stalkers.
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Do all narcissists deny stalking and courting their prey?

Answer . Of course, they deny anything that doesnt fit into their master plan. Remember a narcissists is only concerned with three things, me, myself and I. Run dont walk

What can you do to stop stalking?

This is not an easy task, especially in a world which becomes more technological by the day. If the person is stalking you online, then you can do things like using different

Does an ex narcissist stalk an ex?

No. Narcissists usually run away from an ex, they consider themselves too high and mighty to stalk anyone. They are more likely to act like you never existed at all. A borderl

What is a narcissistic parent?

http://www.narcissisticparents.blogspot.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_parent http://www.lightshouse.org/the-narcissistic-parent.html

Why do some narcissist stalk certain people?

Besides the fact their emotionally unstable and immature, they see it as nothing really. Narcissist believe they deserve to do whatever immoral act their doing, they feel no s

Can you stop a narcissist from stalking you?

Trick question. Narcissists don't stalk people. They are too busy worrying about what makes them happy. My ex-husband a narcissist started a campaign of harrassment and st

How do you stop a narcissist?

If you think that you can stop them from being a narcissist thereis no cure for these people. If you don't like what they are doingor saying there is nothing that you can do a

How do you stop a stalking mistress?

report her to the FBI and police and they will work together. They will watch the stalkers moves so she will not know it and just when she thinks she has it made, they have a

Is stalking a narcissistic trait?

Yes. Since Narcissists (and Psychopaths) consider others as OBJECTS, even after they discard you they still consider you their property. Stalking, even years later, can & does

How do you stop a woman from stalking?

Ways to stop a woman from stalking: . If she is calling you then tape one or more conversations on the phone and if she is texting you then keep the messages as proof she