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How do you trim a sago palm?

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Trim the Sago palm by cutting back brown or yellow palm fronds close to the truck. This should be done annually in the fall.
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Is a Sago Palm Salt Tolerant?

A Sago Palm is salt tolerant. Some other salt tolerant palms  include cabbage palm, Canary Island palm, and the Chinese fan palm.

Why do leaves turn yellow on sago palm?

The most common reason for the fronds turning yellow is OVERWATERING. Once you stop overwatering them, the fronds will turn back to a deep green and they will be healthy.

Are Sago palm seeds poisonous?

Yes. Sago cycad seeds contain highly poisonous compounds. Consumption of cycad seeds has been implicated in the outbreak of Parkinson's Disease-like neurological disorder in v

Is sago palm native to India?

There are two different types of trees usually referred to as Sago Palm. One belongs to Cycas genus and is growing in many countries of South Asia. May be (and probably) it is

Are sago palms cold tolerant?

the hardiest species of cycad is tolerant down to about 10 degrees F or USDA hardiness zone 8a, eg. memphis, atlanta, richmond, seattle

What is the difference in sago palms and bonsai palms?

well for one, the sago "palm" is not even realy a palm. its a cycade. but i know what you mean. but it seems like you are a little confused, a bonsai is not a type of tree, it

Does a sago palm have to planted in the ground?

Sago palms do well when potted, as long as they are kept in their preferred conditions. They do not get very large, but their container still needs to be roomy enough.
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What is a sago palm?

A sago palm is a palm which yields sago, especially the palms of species Metroxylon sagu and Cycas revoluta.