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How do you use a 'meter' to check the power to individual circuits?

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The fact of your asking really says you would need a lot of coaching to keep you out of trouble here. Meters, by nature, aren't really designed to be dependably or safely put into electrical outlets. I suggest you buy a outlet tester at your local home store for $6- or so. Instructions are with it, and all you do is plug it in- generally two green lights is good, any red is bad, none is dead/no voltage. If you are inside a power panel and asking this, I refer you to the first sentence above :) lbg

I would love to help you, I just need to know what type of meter you are using. There are so many you could possibly have. Post another question and I'll see if I can help.
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How is a circuit-powered test light used?

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Why the power must be off when checking the resistance in the circuit?

an ohmmeter contains its own power source that it uses to test the  circuit. if power is still on in the circuit, at the least the  meter will give incorrect readings, at th