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How do you use your WikiAnswers message board?

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Getting a message board is one of the benefits of registering with WikiAnswers. It is the first line of communication between you and other members and the WikiAnswers Team.

Accessing your message board
When you sign up on WikiAnswers, on your left side of the screen will be a list of links with the heading "My Pages". Click on the link for "My Message Board" to access your message board.

Sending a message
  • To send a message, you need to know the person's ID and put it in the "New Message To" box. Write your message and click "Send".
  • Another way to send a message is through someone's profile page. For example, if you like an answer to a question and want to send that person a message, you can click on their ID in the answer and that will take you to their profile page. If you click the envelope icon in the header photo by their name, that will take you back to your message board. The user's ID will be filled in and ready for you to write your message to send.

New message notifications
The system notifies you about new messages a couple different ways.
  • When you go to your profile, message, or question pages, a red number will appear in the small bell icon on the upper right of the screen. Clicking on the bell icon will open a drop down box listing who sent you a message. Click on "message" and you will be taken right to that message.
  • On other pages, you will see an envelope icon appear by your name above Site Tools. You can get to your message page by clicking on the envelope or by going to the message board link under Quick Links (aka My Pages).
  • You can adjust your profile settings so that you will receive message notifications through your email account.

Remember that other people can possibly read your message board, so avoid things of a personal nature. No cyberbullying nor profanity are allowed. Users can no longer delete any messages, but you can archive them to keep your board neat.
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