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Getting a message board is one of the benefits of registering with WikiAnswers. It is the first line of communication between you and other members and the WikiAnswers Team.

Accessing your message board
When you sign up on WikiAnswers, on your left side of the screen will be a list of links with the heading "My Pages". Click on the link for "My Message Board" to access your message board.

Sending a message
  • To send a message, you need to know the person's ID and put it in the "New Message To" box. Write your message and click "Send".
  • Another way to send a message is through someone's profile page. For example, if you like an answer to a question and want to send that person a message, you can click on their ID in the answer and that will take you to their profile page. If you click the envelope icon in the header photo by their name, that will take you back to your message board. The user's ID will be filled in and ready for you to write your message to send.

New message notifications
The system notifies you about new messages a couple different ways.
  • When you go to your profile, message, or question pages, a red number will appear in the small bell icon on the upper right of the screen. Clicking on the bell icon will open a drop down box listing who sent you a message. Click on "message" and you will be taken right to that message.
  • On other pages, you will see an envelope icon appear by your name above Site Tools. You can get to your message page by clicking on the envelope or by going to the message board link under Quick Links (aka My Pages).
  • You can adjust your profile settings so that you will receive message notifications through your email account.

Remember that other people can possibly read your message board, so avoid things of a personal nature. No cyberbullying nor profanity are allowed. Users can no longer delete any messages, but you can archive them to keep your board neat.
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Should you delete old posts on your WikiAnswers Personal Message Board?

Managing your Message Board The management of personal message boards is something the community hasn't really figured out. They're too new. Every user should use their personal discretion. If older and less important posts are cluttering your message board, maybe they should be removed. If you learn methods that do or don't work, post them here. Other users message boards are personal and should never be edited by someone else. While Message boards are the property of and managers can access any or all of the content, other users should never take it upon themselves to remove content from those boards.

Why does WikiAnswers have message boards?

Purpose of the Message Boards WikiAnswers has two forms of message boards: 1) Question discussion boards, and 2) Personal message boards. The role of question discussion boards is fairly clear to regular users of the site. Sometimes you need to discuss how a question should be answered, or ask for clarification about what the question is asking, etc. It's very handy to have a space for this separate from the answer space, which is not intended to be interactive. Personal message boards The role of the personal message boards is more fuzzy. It's a softer community reason. We want to enable WikiAnswer contributors to discuss anything they want to discuss with each other (as opposed to the question discussion board, which is merely for discussing one specific Q&A). A personal board can be used for pretty much anything. Maybe you want to thank a person for all their great answers, or ask them about themselves, etc. It's the most (only!) free-form space for users of this site.

Can you add a photo to an answer or to a message board on WikiAnswers?

Use of Photos on WikiAnswers No, sorry. You can add a photo to your profile by accessing one hosted on another website, but this is the extent of the use of images here. Copy and paste the URL of the image into your profile in order to display an image on your profile.

How do you view other WikiAnswers Contributors' message boards?

Go to the user you want (or type in user-). Then click add a message to -the user's- message board.

How do you delete your personal message board on Wikianswers?

Just click the 'delete' button which is located at the top right hand corner of every message.

Can you contact WikiAnswers on a specific user's message board instead of emailing if you would like to be a supervisor?

The process of becoming supervisor can only be conducted via e-mail. Please e-mail Supervisor @ for consideration. Also see the related link with more information about supervising.

Why is the message board not used for chat?

Because they're intended for discussion purposes related to WikiAnswers activities. There are plenty of chat-sites on the internet for people to talk live.

How do you get someone to write a message on your message board on WikiAnswers?

The more you ask and answer questions on this site, the more likely you are to have interactions with fellow participants on your message board.

What is the chatting policy on the WikiAnswers message boards?

Chatting on Message Boards In the past, idle chatter on the WikiAnswers' user message boards was frowned upon, and in extreme cases, received a block from using WikiAnswers' services at all - particularly if the user(s) involved made no real contribution to the WikiAnswers Q&A or community. Now, chatting is allowable on user message boards, except for extremes - which may receive the attention of a Supervisor with a warning message. WikiAnswers was not intended to be used as an IM (instant messaging) service all day long, so that would be an extreme. However, we would still like to have you participate and contribute quality answers or contributions to the site! Community is a part of WikiAnswers.

Where on WikiAnswers can one find another user's name so one can post a message on that user's message board?

You can find user names at the bottom of the answers and also you can find them in the community forum's

Is it okay for 10-year-olds to use WikiAnswers when all they want is a messages board and friends to chat with?

Using WikiAnswers to Chat The issue is using the message boards to chat. While users are not blocked when they do nothing but chat on the message boards, those who do so miss the greater purpose of the site. WikiAnswers is a Q and A site. Those who do nothing but chat never realize what they are missing out on and what an important role they can play here. We have questions that need to be answered in several topics of interest to young people. Most who start answering and asking questions, as well as recategorizing questions and other things here, find that they enjoy the site a lot more than when they are doing nothing but chat. Everyone should at least check into doing more than chatting! If you don't, you'll never know what you're missing out on! But age doesn't matter. Anybody can be a part of WikiAnswers. But if you're under 13 get a parent's or guardian's permission before. (Especially for writing on people's message board and making a bio page.)

How do you get friends using the message boards on WikiAnswers?

The Ins and Outs of WikiAnswers' Message Boards Message boards are one of the great wonders of the Internet. But here on WikiAnswers, they're not really about chatting with friends or simply trying to connect with others for the sole purpose of talking it up. The message boards were set up to give folks a way to thank others for their answers or participation, to request more info on a question being asked or an answer given or to collaborate with others here on the site. At the end of the day, it's really about the sharing of knowledge - not trying to find a date or talking about what Shelly wore to study hall. We ask that you participate in the spirit of the site - which is not that of a social network - but rather a vehicle for asking about what you don't know and for sharing with others what you do. Please keep this in mind before inviting your friends to use the message boards to chat. Invite them to answer a question that they might be interested in or to participate in one of the awesome AnswerThons. WikiAnswers has something for everybody. Enjoy WikiAnswers for what it was truly built for and use AIM for all the rest.

What are the markup codes for the WikiAnswers message boards?

The WikiAnswers Message Board system uses a few basic HTML tags: . Text (bold) . Text (italics) . Text (underline) . Text (strikethrough) . Along with the codes above, DIV tags can be used to change size and color. Whilst an link is not permitted, you can link to another page using this format: . [link_url_here link name here] . As you can see, you have a square bracket [ and then the URL. After the URL there is a space, and then the link's name.

What is the purpose of the WikiAnswers personal message board?

There are several ways to communicate information about members of WikiAnswers. Obviously, a lot of information can be conveyed via answer, some by questions, very specific information can be communicated via the profile page, but the most free-form way of communicating on WikiAnswers is the personal message board. You may access your message board by clicking the link in the blue menu area to the left entitled, "My message board." You can also send messages to others by clicking the "Message user" link on their profile page in the Stat box to the right. Not all information that can be shared in the message boards is appropriate. The prohibition against sharing private details applies on the boards as well as in questions and answers. In short, any information that can be used to identify a person should not be solicited or shared in the message boards. Sharing it is a violation of WikiAnswers privacy policy. Soliciting is spam. The safe route is to look on the profile page of the member to see what that person has shared about himself or herself. If it is not there, simply do not ask for it. If you wish to share it about yourself, do so on the profile page. First and foremost, the message boards are not a dating service nor a social networking site. While it is not a violation of WikiAnswers rules, guidelines, or Terms of Use to exclusively or primarily use the message boards to chat, what that chat contains could lead to issues. Additionally, if you ever have questions about what is and is not appropriate on any section of WikiAnswers, simply ask a supervisor.

How do you delete messages from your message board?

When you see a message you want to delete, click on "Delete" on the right of the message.

How should the message boards be used on

The message boards are a way of communication between members of this website if they need to discuss or talk about anything. Although the site is not a chatting website, people are welcomed to use the message boards to contact and chat with other members. It's a great way to get to know the other people on the site and talk about common interests, or things that you are doing in the community. Message boards aren't for questions and answers, though. That is what the rest of WikiAnswers is there for!! It's also important to remember that message boards here are public. This means that anyone on the site can see what you write on them. But most important of all, remember to never give out any personal or private information. Things like full names, email addressed, phone numbers, home addresses etc, should never ever be shared on public message boards. Even on private chats, it's never a good idea to share your personal information with people you do not know, no matter how friendly they seem. Chatting on the message boards must always be polite and respectful. Abuse or insults will be classed as cyberbullying which can lead to people being blocked from the site. Anyone using the message boards to spam, cyberbully, or harrass other users may be warned, and their accounts suspended.

How do you clear your message board on WikiAnswers?

Go to your message board and click "Delete" on the message you want to delete. If you have many messages on your board and can't delete all of them manually, contact a supervisor. He or she will be able to clear your board or find someone who can.

How do you use 'Bulletin Board Code' in message board messages on WikiAnswers?

The message boards on WikiAnswers make use of regular HTML code, rather than Bulletin Board Code.

How do you get a message board on WikiAnswers?

Every user has a message board - all you need to do is sign in or sign up to WikiAnswers. All you do to get there is go to my pages and go to message board. Another way to get to your message is that when you have a new message it shows it. Just click on it and you are at your message board.

What is your watchlist profile and message board on WikiAnswers?

Your watchlist is a list of questions and answers that you have chosen to watch, to see what changes are made to them, but you can edit which questions are on your watchlist. In the blue pannel to the left, you will see "my settings". Click on that, and follow the instructions for setting your watchlist the way you want it. Be sure to click on "save settings" before you leave that page, or your preferences won't be saved. Your profile is the page that has your username, number of contributions, trust points, any personal info you choose to put there about yourself, etc. When you first sign on to WikiAnswers, look in the blue column on your left, and you will see "My profile", and if you want to go to your profile, then just click on it. You can edit it by going to your profile and clicking on "edit". The only thing you can edit on your profile though, is the personal info you choose to put there, such as what kind of work you do, or if you are a student, your likes, dislikes, etc. You cannot change or edit things like your number of contributions, trust points, etc. But again, if you edit your profile, be sure to click on "save settings" before leaving the edit page. Message boards are where you and others can leave messages for someone. If you have a message on your message board that you would like to reply to, click on "reply" (just above that message), and it will take you to that person's message board. If you would like to leave a message for someone with whom you've not yet communicated, there are a couple of ways to get to their message board. You can go to your profile, then at the top, in your browser, hi-lite the entire address, then backspace and delete your username from the address in the browser and type in the username of the one you want to message. The reason for back spacing first is because if you don't, it will delete the entire address instead of just your username. Another way to get to someone's message board is to click on their username any place you see it, such as in an answer or on someone else's message board.

How do you add pictures into a WikiAnswers message board post?

The only images that can be displayed on Message Boards are those uploaded onto the Answers/WikiAnswers server. You can display them by posting the URL in the message. The easiest way to find suitable images is to browse or

How do you add a hyperlink on a WikiAnswers message board?

Hyperlink on a Message Board To add a hyperlink, do the following: . Go to the person's message board. . Add "[" . Copy and paste the entire link, e.g. . Add 1 space . Add the title for the link. ( . Add "]" So if you want the hyperlink to be - you would do this: [] Note: The link cannot have [=] in it. The equal signs cause the text to be bold. If you need to post a link that is really long or has an equal sign in it you can use a URL shortener like

Why can't you get on to your message board on WikiAnswers anymore?

There is a possibility that your account has been blocked. You cannot go to your message board through your account, but you are always able to go to your message board through using a URL. The URL is and then you just add your username directly after Discuss:.

How to restore deleted messages from message boards on WikiAnswers?

Currently, you cannot restore a deleted message from a user's message board. Once it's deleted, it's deleted. If you are a supervisor, you have the ability to revert message boards back to a previous version or can copy and paste a message that has been deleted from a contribution page.

How do you input Emoticons in WikiAnswers' message board?

Since it doesn't recognize anything like :-) the only way I could think of is to use an IMG tag to put a picture in your message. See my related link for more information.

Why am i banned from using the message boards and or how do i found out why?

well whenever i try to post anything into my/others messageboards, nothing posts. I asked a general Q as to why that might be and someone (who wasnt a member) posted that it was due to me being banned. -yourlilemogirl (also idk why but i cant post in disscussion pages either, afer i type the captcha in all it does for hours is the rotating cycle circle animation)

What is a Question That Shouldn't Be Used As a Message Board?

Can I have a drink of beer? . Can I have all your pokemon? . Can I poop on the potty?

Which WikiAnswers user has the most messages on his or her message board?

Currently I think it would be Stupid little genius, who has over 17,000 messages on her message board.

Will you be kicked out of WikiAnswers if all you do is write on people's message boards?

No, we do not block people from the website if all they are doing is messaging, however these messages must be clean and the messages may not be asking and answering questions. We do encourage that all of our users get involved with asking and answering questions as that is what this site is for!

How do you block a user on WikiAnswers who continues to leave silly messages on your message board?

You must be a Supervisor in order to block a user. Here is how to solve your dilemma: First, ask the user to stop writing silly messages on your message board. If he/she continues the act, contact a Supervisor. The Supervisor will then step in, and if you message the Supervisor about being sent even more silly messages after the Supervisor has stepped in, the Supervisor can issue a block.

How do you block people from writing on your WikiAnswers message board?

Currently, you cannot block certain individuals from writing on your message board. You can block all Non-Supervisors from writing on your message board by emailing WikiAnswers @ (remove spaces) and asking for them to do so. Please note that this will not block Supervisors or Community Assistants.

How do you go to your message board on WikiAnswers?

To the left, there is a blue toolbar. Under the heading 'My pages', click on the 'My message board' link.

How do you find someones message board on wikianswers?

If you know their name, then open =your own= message board and type their name instead of yours in the URL box (the very top of the page). If you are on their profile page, then look at the top right area and click "Message this user". That will take you to their message board.

How do you add a URL to a message board message on WikiAnswers?

First, go to the link you want to add to the message board, then left click on the web address to hi-lite it. Next, right click to bring up the little drop down menu, then left click on "copy". Then go to the message board of the one you want to give the link to. Once you are at their message board, put your cursor where you want to write the message and right click to bring the little drop down menu up again. From there you will see "paste". Left click on that and it will add it to the message. You can put the link above, below or in the middle of the message, or put just the link. Then just submit the message, and that's it.

On the message board can you send mail to other users on WikiAnswers?

If you want to leave a message for another user, you have to go to that person's message board. You can't send mail from your own board, except for using the "reply" function, which will take you to the other person's board.

Are you allowed to talk about religion on the WikiAnswers message boards?

Yes, as long as you aren't spamming, insulting, or bothering people with it. But trying to convert people that don't want to talk about it isn't going to be allowed.

Is there a list of WikiAnswers pictures to post on message boards?

If you're talking about pictures such as smilies, no there isn'tsmilies to post on others message board, I'm afraid. It's standardtext at that point. Below is a list a some pictures you can post.

How do you use colored fonts on the message boards?

You can use a limited amount of HTML in WikiAnswers messages. 1. To write in colored text, copy the entire above line and paste it in front of the text that you want to be colored. 2. Instead of the words "COLOR HERE", type in the color you prefer in lowercase letters. (So far, I know you can do pink, hotpink, purple, yellow (hard to see), white, blue, red, green, lavender [hard to see] aqua, lightblue, brown, lightgreen, limegreen, gray and orange, etc.) You can replace 'COLOR HERE' with any color that HTML knows, such as 'blue' or a hexadecimal RGB color code such as '#FFDDBB'. *NOTE* You can not use bold font with colored text. (If you just want to do bold font [black] put equal (=) signs before and after the text you want bold.)

What kinds of different things can you do on a WikiAnswers message board?

You can add links one of two ways.... . Simply copy and paste the URL onto the message board (it is necessary that http:// is included or this will not work) . To display a title instead of the whole URL then type a [ then the URL, then a space, then the title you want to display, then a ] Remember to include http:// in the URL. You can change the color of the text of your message... Use this code: . Copy the entire code shown above and paste it in front of the text to be colored. . Replace the words " color here ," and instead type in the color you like. Use the list below. Here are some known colors: . pink . hotpink . purple . yellow (difficult to see) . white . blue . red . green . lavender (difficult to see) . aqua . lightblue . brown . lightgreen . limegreen . gray . orange They are the only colors we know so far, more is to be discovered. Also, you can also use a hexadecimal RGB code such as #FFDDBB. **Note** that you can only use 1 color per message. If you use 2, it will become bold font instead. You also cannot use bold font with colors. You can make the text bold or italic... To make the text bold, type equal signs ( = ) before and after the text. To make the text italic, type in front of the text and after the text. You can change the size of the text... To make the text bigger, type in front of the text and after the text. To make the text smaller, type in front of the text and after the text Have fun!

How do you get to your messages on WikiAnswers?

You can click the envelope that says New Message! or you can click My Message Board located under "My Pages" in the blue sidebar located on the left of any page on the site.

How do you add a link to a message on a WikiAnswers contributor's message board?

There are two ways on WikiAnswers to add a link to a message: . [[name of link|way you want it to appear]] . [name of link way you want it to appear] Example: [[User:Example|Example]] asked how to add a link to a message on WikiAnswers. I just showed him/her the link [ here]. It actually appears like this: Example asked how to add a link to a message on WikiAnswers. I just showed him/her the link here.

How do you add a hyperlink to a message board message on WikiAnswers?

You paste the link between brackets* and if you choose, you can add a word to name the link**. [ ] * [ WikiAnswers] ** Note: make sure to include the http:// And if you include an apostrophe from a question on WikiAnswers then add %27 instead of ' . Ex. [ ]

How do you put a picture in a message board message on WikiAnswers?

If you are including a picture from a site like Photobucket, or Flickr or any other photo upload site, they would have a BBC code which will allow you to show the picture on the forum.

Why do brackets not always work in adding a link to a message on a contributor's message board in WikiAnswers?

You need to make sure you are using this symbol at the beginning and end of the link you wish to disguise: [[ Link Here What you want to cover up the link Here ]]

Are you allowed to post URLS on message boards on WikiAnswers?

If it is to advertise a business or an organization no you are not allowed to, that type of link belongs in your profile. If it is one that violates the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use no that is not allowed either. Links to other parts of the websites such as questions, help center info, etc. is ok to have.

Why are electronic message boards more useful than standard message boards?

The electronic message board is one where lots and more stuff can be posted. Also, its more up-to-date.A standard message board one where no lots of people use. Also, it is less up-to-date than most electronic ones.

Is it against the rules at WikiAnswers to delete what you post on another person's message board?

No, people that make a post on another's message board has nothing to do with the rules. Some people do this when sharing emails for example, they give them the email and the immediately delete the message from the other's message board. A bit more: While the practice of deleting messages is not officially against the rules, it is discouraged because of its disruptive nature. Of course, as the above answer states, it is perfectly fine to delete a message from another person's message board if they have asked you to do so after reading the personal information, or have given you permission to do so. There are also some who will post angry or inappropriate content on another person's message board, then delete it, knowing the intended recipient will have seen it by then. This is not allowed, and the subject of such messages are contrary to guidelines on community behavior, and can result in an official warning or even being blocked from the site.

Why would message boards use BBCode?

There are many reasons why a message board would choose to use BBCode. The biggest reason why a message board would choose BBCode would be that it is very easy to use.

What are message boards used for?

Message boards make it possible for the general public to have a conversation. You can read them and find out what other people have to say, and you can post your own thoughts so that others can find out what you have to say. There is no guarantee that anybody will say anything interesting, but then, some message boards attract more interesting writers than others. Pointless and overheated arguments are always a possibility.

Where are the rules for the WikiAnswers message boards?

the rules are in the top bar search for rules and you will see it under terms and conditions.