How do you write good luck in German and Russian?

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Russian Удачи

German.Viel Glück
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What was the German Russian Pact of 1939?

Answer . The German-Russian Nonaggression Pact before World War II was a secret agreement between Hitler and Stalin dividing Poland in half should Germany invade.

How do write good luck in Latin?

To say something about good luck--"He has good luck", or some such--you can use "fortuna secunda". To wish someone good luck, you might say "Bene rem gere!" or simply "Feliciter!". Although the literal translation would be something like bona fortuna, in fact, the Romans used to say "Res secundae" which sounds a bit like "second things" but actually means "favourable things." The accusative of exclamation could be used: "Bonam fortunam".

Do Russians speak German?

Answer . German is widely studied in Russia, yes.. Today, English is the most popular language for study at the educational institutions, German is the second and French is the third. A generation ago (the USSR period) German was more popular.

Is the Buddha good luck or bad luck?

Answer . Buddhism requires one to live a deep and simple life away from worldly distractions, pleasures and pitfalls. If you adhere to the concepts of Buddhism and find peace within yourself it can be presumed Buddha is good luck- if Being a Buddhist distances yourself from things you value, such as family, exotic foods movies or world travel it might make you unhappy and therefore be perceived as bad luck. Luck can be considered coincidence, divine, or even earned so it is all based on what you believe. . Answer . Good luck. Answer . If you know the methodology of "Probability", you will not believe in good luck or bad luck.. he is very wise, anti-racise, a super hero, a god of vevenge, a bolt of lighting from the clear sky.. Answer . Buddha is God of Luck. So Much Content may be found here, just click on any item and it will provide so much information about good luck buddha

What is 'good luck' in German?

" Viel Glück " is a German equivalent of "good luck." The adjective " viel " means "a lot of, a great deal of, the best of." The noun " Glück " means "luck." Its singular definite article is " das " ("the"). Also if you want to say someone is lucky, you can say they are " glucklich" with an umlaut over the "u" "Good luck" in German is "Viel Glück!"

How do you say Good Luck in Urdu?

Since Urdu is the official language of a nationally Islamic country, the common phrasing for good luck invokes the name of Allah. The phrasing is "Allah ka fazal ho."

Was Karl Marx German or Russian?

Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818. in Trier, Prussia which is now Germany. The town of Trier is near the German border with Luxembourg.

What is the origin of good luck charms?

hopeful imagination. Another Perspective . Most superstitions tend to come about from the incidences of repeated happenings. If a ball player wears a certain pair of socks and his team wins, he can see a corollary in the two. The next time he plays, he wears the same sock, if his team wins the pattern is reinforced. Eventually those become his "lucky socks".. As long as man has been self aware he has looked for patterns in every day ocurances that might give him an edge in life.

How do you write 'How are you' in Russian?

Question: как дела? (kak dela?) Replies (words): хорошо (Good) ладно (OK) плохой (Bad) Replies (sentences): Я Хороший (I am Good) Я ладнoй (I am OK) Я Плохой (I am Bad)

How do you say 'good luck' in Japanese?

To literally wish someone good 'luck/fortune' in Japanese you can say 幸運を祈る /kou un wo i no ru/ [ lit: I pray you fortune]. But in Japanese 'ganbare' [ lit: Do your best!] is more common to be used.

Are ladybugs a sign of good luck?

Of course only when you know them time is right...there are to rules though: Rule #1 : Never J walk Rule # 2 : Always use a condom!

What is a good luck charm on a ship?

I'm not sure about specific charms, but there are lots of things that are considered good luck. A nautical star brings a sailor good luck (I'm not suggesting you go out and get a tattoo!). A black cat aboard a boat is supposed to bring good luck. A naked lady is supposed to calm the seas (which is why there are naked ladies on the bows of old sailing ships). There are lots of old sailing superstitions...but one almost universal bad luck one is having a banana aboard...a real no-no among fishermen.

How can you get good luck?

you can have good luck by being nice to other people. you can have a four leaf clover with you or you can make your own good luck charm and prey on it for good keeping and always have it with you

How do you write a good luck note?

Writing a 'Good Luck' note: . A card would be nice too. Inside the card you could put:. If it's business or a coworker or someone you don't know well put: . Jack. Wishing you good luck on your future endeavors.. If you are good friends then say: . Jack. Wishing you the very best of luck and I hope and you deserve the very best. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Good luck in Russian?

Желаю вам удачи! - zhelayu vam udachi! - to plural "you" or formal singular. Желаю тебе удачи! - zhelayu tebye udachi! - to informal singular. Уд а чи! - to either. Ни п у ха ни пер а ! - ni pukha ni pera - specifically when someone is setting off to do a task like a test or to ask a girl out at a bar. The appropriate response is к ч е рту! - kchortu!

How do you write a in German?

The indefinite article "a/an" in German is a form of the word "ein" (variously ein, eins, eines, einen, einer, einem, eine, depending on context).

Why did the Germans betray the Russians?

This was because Hitler was getting so confident in his war since Germany had been having non-stop victories that he ordered 4 million of his men to invade the USSR. They wanted all that big land and oil that Russia has and thought they could beat the Russians, just like they beat everyone else. But this plan failed and the invasion went on into the deadly Russian winter, where many of the Germans died. Eventually, the Soviets pushed the Germans back into Berlin(1945) where they defeated the Nazis. Without the Soviets, a lot more good men would have been lost to the Nazis' idiot war.

How do you write in Russian?

Russian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet and can be written in cursive or print. The print looks like this: (Phonetic sounds/letters are in brackets [Added by Oink48]) Upper/lowercase Аа (A) Бб (B) Вв (V) Гг (G) Дд (D) Ее (Ye) Ёё (Yo) Жж (Zh) Зз (Z) Ии (Ee) Йй (-y (adds the effect of putting a y after a word - e.g. bo - boy)) Кк (K) Лл (L) Мм (M) Нн (N) Оо (O) Пп (P) Рр (R) Сс (S) Тт (T) Уу (Oo) Фф (F) Хх (Kh) Цц (Ts) Чч (Ch) Шш (Sh) Щщ (Shch) Ъъ (Hard sign - used after a word to Sharpen the sound slightly) Ыы (Oieu (e.g. oy from Boy)) Ьь (Soft sign - used after a word to soften the sound slightly) Ээ (Aer) Юю (Yu) Яя (Ya)

Where was the German army was defeated by Russians?

The german army was first lost at the battle of moscow. The nextGerman army lost at the battle of Stalingrad. When Germas startedreatreting they lost the batlle of kursk. But the battle took placein the small village of Prohorovka, near Kursk. Over 3000 taks wereat the battle of Kursk. Then when the Germas were retreating thelast main battle was battle of berlin or near the river Oder thatswhere the main battle was before Berlin. So as the Geremans lostcontrol at the river Oder the nextr main battle was at Berlingermans suffered huge losses in the battle. And on May 8 theGermans signed the surrender and Hitler commited suicide along withGoebbels the main leader of the propoganda, and the leader of theSS which was Henrich Himmler.

How do you say Good luck in exam German?

Good Luck=Viel Glück or when it's especially for an exam you add 'für die Prüfung' So the whole phrase would be: "Viel Glück für die Prüfung"

Best of luck your friend in German?

Best of luck for your friend could be translated as: Alles Gute für deinen Freund (singular, male)/deine Freundin (singular, female)/Ihren Freund (plural, male)/Ihre Freundin (plural female).

How do you say your Russian is good in Russian?

Depending on whether you want to sound formal or informal, it would be either: "Вы хорошо говорите по-русски"-- "Vyh khah-rah-SHOH gah-vah-RIH-tye pah-ROOS-kih" or "Ты хорошо говоришь по-русски"-- Tyh khah-rah-SHOH gah-vah-RISH pah-ROOS-ki"

Why were the Germans defeated by the Russian Winter?

The Germans were defeated by the Russians and the Russian winter for several reasons. First, Germany lacked the manpower to fight the Soviet Union. Germany at the start of Operation Barbarossa had roughly 3 million troops compared to the Soviet Union who had about 7 million troops ready. Second, Germany lacked sufficient resources for a long war with the Soviet Union. Third, Germany was so confident in victory and the short time it would take that the German High Command did not issue winter clothing to the German Army. Fourth, Russia was used to winter warfare. Their equipment was durable under the harshest conditions and the average Russian soldier had better winter clothing then their German counterpart. Finally, the Soviet Union was able to vastly outproduce the Germans in everything from manpower, tanks, rifles, planes and artillery. To go into detail would take a long time but those are the basic reasons why Germany was defeated by the Russians and their winter.

How did the Russians defeat the Germans at stalingrand?

The Russians defeated the Germans with the blessings of Ol' Man Winter and the follies of Adolph Hitler. The Germans were frozen, starving, dying from the cold and lack of food and supplies. At the end of the Stalingrad Battle a bunch of simple grenades did the trick. Many Germans were taken prisoner as they surrendered in defeat. Adolph Hitler can be blamed for the demise of the German forces failing. He refused to let them quit and he would not send more supplies.

Good luck your friends in German?

good luck - viel Glück your friends - deine Freunde "Good luck to your friends." would be "Deinen Freunden viel Glück." or "Viel Glück für deine Freunde."

What is Good Luck Charlie about?

"Good Luck Charlie" is a show about a little girl named Charlotte (Charlie) and her family getting use to having another little child. I think it looks pretty good! I kinda wanna see it. The Cast: Teddy- Charlie's big sister *main character* (Bridget Mendler) PJ- Charlie's older brother (Jason Dolley) Charlie - the newest member of the family (Mia Talerico) Amy- Charlie's mom (Leigh-Allyn Baker) Bob- Charlie's dad (Eric Allan Kramer) Ivy- Teddy's friend (Raven Goodwin) Gabe- Charlie's older brother (Bradley Steven Perry)

What is 'Good luck My friend' in Italian?

" Buona fortuna, amico mio " to males and " Buona fortuna, amica mia " are Italian equivalents of "Good luck, my friend." Specifically, the feminine adjective " buona " means "good." The feminine noun " fortuna " means "luck." The masculine noun " amico " and the feminine " amica " mean "friend." The masculine adjective " mio " and the feminine " mia " mean "my." The respective pronunciations are "BWOH-nah fohr-TOO-nah-MEE-koh MEE-oh" and "BWOH-nah fohr-TOO-nah-MEE-kah MEE-ah."

Can cats bring good luck?

You already got an answer! You're just fishing for the one you want. Cats are the most demonic creatures on the face of the Earth, everybody knows that they guard the gates to hell. The only thing cats bring is bad luck! what are you saying cats don`t bring bad luck were did you read that thing anyway. sure some people say bad things about black cats but they are not bad luck I ran two times at least into black cats and guess what no bad luck.

Is heads good luck or bad luck?

it is not proven either way, but believed to be bad luck. It depends on whether you called heads or tails before the coin toss!

How popular is Good Luck Charlie?

Not very popular because ion the UK they've only shown one episode of Good luck charlie and 1episode couldn't of made it extremely popular x . I am just improving this answer..! . I live in the UK and actually, they have played lots of episodes of Good Luck Charlie! It is played a few times everyday (even if they are repeats) in the UK, and is very popular! . -Improvement Made By Monkey_gal15-! .

Why do Russian Jews have German names?

The language of the Jews throughout eastern Europe was Yiddish. Yiddish is in large part derived from an old form of German. When the Jews of eastern Europe were required by their local governments to take surnames during the early and middle 19th century, many of them were able to choose their own names. Often they used patronymics, nicknames, or other terms from their Yiddish language. The names of Russian Jews are often Yiddish in origin, but because Yiddish has much in common with German, the uninformed think they are German names.

Does good luck and bad luck exits?

yes good luck and bad luck exits because when i found a penny on "HEADS" i got good luck i got ice cream i got a boyfriend and found a "100" dollar bill bad luck exits beacuse when i opened my umbrella i got bad luck i lost my boyfriend my brother took my "100" dollar bill so it does EXITS