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How do you write good luck in German and Russian?

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Russian Удачи

German.Viel Glück
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What Is good luck?

  Good Karma

What is 'good luck' in German?

" Viel Glück " is a German equivalent of "good luck." The adjective " viel " means "a lot of, a great deal of, the best of." The noun " Glück " means "luck." Its sing

How do you say Good luck in exam German?

Good Luck=Viel Glück or when it's especially for an exam you add 'für die Prüfung' So the whole phrase would be: "Viel Glück für die Prüfung"

How do write good luck in Latin?

To say something about good luck--"He has good luck", or some such--you can use "fortuna secunda". To wish someone good luck, you might say "Bene rem gere!" or simply "Felicit

How can you get good luck?

you can have good luck by being nice to other people. you can have a four leaf clover with you or you can make your own good luck charm and prey on it for good keeping and alw