How do you write good luck in German and Russian?

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Russian Удачи

German.Viel Glück
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How do write good luck in Latin?

To say something about good luck--"He has good luck", or some such--you can use "fortuna secunda". To wish someone good luck, you might say "Bene rem gere!" or simply "Feliciter!". Although the literal translation would be something like bona fortuna, in fact, the Romans used to say "Res secundae" which sounds a bit like "second things" but actually means "favourable things." The accusative of exclamation could be used: "Bonam fortunam".

What is 'good luck' in German?

" Viel Glück " is a German equivalent of "good luck." The adjective " viel " means "a lot of, a great deal of, the best of." The noun " Glück " means "luck." Its singular definite article is " das " ("the"). Also if you want to say someone is lucky, you can say they are " glucklich" with an umlaut over the "u" "Good luck" in German is "Viel Glück!"

How do you write a good luck note?

Writing a 'Good Luck' note: . A card would be nice too. Inside the card you could put:. If it's business or a coworker or someone you don't know well put: . Jack. Wishing you good luck on your future endeavors.. If you are good friends then say: . Jack. Wishing you the very best of luck and I hope and you deserve the very best. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Good luck in Russian?

Желаю вам удачи! - zhelayu vam udachi! - to plural "you" or formal singular. Желаю тебе удачи! - zhelayu tebye udachi! - to informal singular. Уд а чи! - to either. Ни п у ха ни пер а ! - ni pukha ni pera - specifically when someone is setting off to do a task like a test or to ask a girl out at a bar. The appropriate response is к ч е рту! - kchortu!

Good luck your friends in German?

good luck - viel Glück your friends - deine Freunde "Good luck to your friends." would be "Deinen Freunden viel Glück." or "Viel Glück für deine Freunde."