How do you zoom out on internet?

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Just press ctrl and roll your mouse wheel, if you do not have a mouse wheel then go into browser menu and press minus sign. That will zoom out.
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What is a zoom?

A zoom is a humming noise of something moving really fast, a quick ascent, or a large increase.

How do you zoom out?

right click on home page and then click on zoom out or right click on view then zoom,and then zoom out ctrl+shift+- zoom out ctr+shift+ + zoom in

How do you zoom in on internet explorer 7?

I believe you hold control down while rolling the middle mouse button.. Solution: Display the Start menu by pressing the Windows logo key .. Select Internet Explorer 7 by us

How do you zoom in on your Internet?

you stick your finger up your bum liick your finger then click page on the top of the screen and go down to zoom then stick your finger up your dick/fanni wala done

How do you get iPhone out of zoom if its zoomed in?

you put your fingers on the screen and move them together as if you are pinching something. do this repeatedly depending on how far you want to zoom out. if you want to zoom

How can you zoom out mac?

Press the Apple key and hold it,then press the plus sighn right next to the backspace or delete button.

How do you zoom in?

well really, it depends on what your trying to zoom in on i guess, because u cant just have the question "how do u zoom in", really it all depends on what u want to zoom in ;)
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What is a zooming?

A zooming is a sound or a motion which zooms in on something orsomeone else.