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A Buddhist attains nibbana/nirvana by following the Noble Eightfold Path and thus eradicating greed/lust, anger and delusion.
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What is Nirvana?

Answer: Nirvana is the state of eternal happiness .Eternal happiness could be achieved by giving up worldly desiresfor things such as food and clothes and follow the Eightfo

What is a Buddhist?

Buddhism is a family of beliefs and practices, considered by many to be a religion. A Buddhist is one who takes refuge in The Three Jewels: the Buddha (the Awakened One), the

Do buddhists believe that to reach nirvana they have to follow Buddhas teachings?

Buddha only idenitifed the way to enlightenment. There is nothing  to stop a person from independently reaching the same conclusions,  in which case he or she could strive f

What do buddhists believe happens to their soul after they reach nirvana and enlightenment?

Nirvania; the soul does not go into another body and live another life it is walked back to the souls true home(nirvania) by a sant/satguru(enlightened soul.) Where the soul w

Who is nirvana?

They were a grunge band from the early 90's.Although they weren't around for more than a few years, because the lead singer/guitarist, Kurt Cobain, commited suicide. Please co

Who are Buddhists?

Buddhists practice Buddhism, based on the teachings of the Buddha, 'the enlightened One'. Buddhists meditate and practice acts of compassion. There are no dogmas, and you d

Where is Nirvana?

  In Buddhist philosophy, Nirvana is not actually a place, but a state of being. It is essentially the state of enlightenment in which the individual has found the perfec

How do Buddhists achieve nirvana?

They Meditate strongly and during their mediation become a true disciple of the Buddha (taking refuge in the Buddha) as in Dharmic religions being a disciple of sant/satguru i

What is a nirvana?

Nirvana is two things 1.) It is the state of being free from suffering. It is praised in Indian religions . 2.) A grunge rock band formed in the late 80's and rose to fame in

Buddhist and Hindus - believe in nirvana?

Buddhists believe in Nirvana (nibbana) which is beyond  heaven. They achieve it by attaining enlightenment, which is their  life goal. (They, like Hindus, believe in reincar
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How do Buddhists try to reach Nirvana?

They have to reach enlightenment, they having to lead a life of selflessness and unattachment...   The first person to even reached enlightenment was Buddha.... since then
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How do Buddhist reach nirvana?

There are three ways (Bodhis) which you can reach Nirwana. Those are Sammā-Sambodhi(Lord Buddha), Pacceka-Bodhi and Savaka-Bhodhi(Arahath). The easiest way to get enlighten
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How did nirvana meet?

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