How does Islams worship?

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the people who follow islam are not called islams, they called muslims. they worship by going to the mosque five times a day. going into the whole worshipping actions is a long process and will confuse you.
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Where does Islam worship?

Islam worship only Allah basically we worship in the direction of kaaba in saudia arabia.we don't worship kaaba but in the direction of kaaba islam don't worship an idol or hu

Who does Islam worship?

Islam is a monotheistic religion of the Abrahamic tradition. Muslims worship the one and true God same God that is worshiped by Christians and Jews.There is alot of confusion

Were do Islams worship?

The Islamic people worship in many places, such as mosques, Mecca, their place of pilgrimage, and common places like homes or offices.

How do the Islams worship?

ok first of all its not called "the Islams" maybe you should do your research before asking such a question. anwyas, the people the practice Islam are called Muslims, Secon

Who is worshiped in islam?

In Islam, there is only ONE worthy of worship; Allah. The very first pillar of Islam, Tawheed, identifies the fact that there is only one God. Apart from Allah, no-one in Is

How is Islam worshiped?

Islam is a religion, a way of life. It is not worshiped. ALLAH (Arabic translation of God) is worshiped in Islam. ALLAH is worshiped according to His commands in Quran, God re

What are worships in Islam?

Muslims believe in one and unique god with no parteners or sons and muhammed peace be upon him is the prophet of god.
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Where do they worship Islam?

Islam is a faith and religion. It is not worshiped by any. It is an Arabic word that means submission to Allah (God in English). Islam is the faith of all God creatures and th
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Where do Islamic worship?

The house of worship of Muslims are Mosques, often beautiful works of art and architecture. However, in Islam, every house is a house of worship, you can pray anywhere and pra
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Where do Islam worship?

Muslims worship anywhere that is clean and free of images. The Last Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said what means in English: "The earth has been made for me [and f