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How does YouTube detect copyright music?

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With Content Identification, a tool they use that scans new videos against a database of copyrighted content submitted using a form at http://www.youtube.com/t/content_management
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What is copyrighted music?

Music that has been registered with the Copyright Office. Under present law, copyright exists upon creation of a work; the registration process creates a legal record of the w

How much does it cost to copyright your music?

As soon as your original music is "fixed" (notated or recorded), it is automatically protected. If you wish to register it, you can usually register a whole bunch of songs at

How can you use music on YouTube videos without it being copyright?

Audioswap or ask the record label to let you use it. You can also find songs marked 'Public domain' or 'Creative Commons' in which case you can use it for free. Commons requir

How long is a YouTube account suspended if it was for copyright?

  Mostly if an account is suspended most likely it will not come back unless YouTube finds out that the person that filed the copy write claim lied and he did not own it a

What movies on YouTube are copyright-free?

Because copyright protection is automatic, virtually everything you encounter online will be protected. The exceptions would be works created by the federal government, and wo

How Can You Copyright Your Own YouTube Videos?

Put in the description this is copyright. If there are any copies of it, go to the video and tag it as 'this is my copyright'. Youtube will delete the video as soon as possibl

Can my youtube intro give copyright strikes for the music?

If your video contains copyrighted music for which you were not the composer, performer and record producer, you would need a license. Publication of music without a license
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How do you download Copyright protected videos from YouTube?

If you want to download a copyright protected video from YouTube, you will need to get the link of the video you want to download. Then go to the convertor website (link in Re
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How do you copyright a compilation of music?

You would only be able to copyright new material: existing tracks being used in the compilation would need to be licensed from the rightsholders (a mechanical license for the
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What is the copyright date of YouTube?

Although it was founded in 2005, YouTube pages are dynamically configured: thus, whenever anyone loads a page, the page has that as the copyright date. It appears on their hom