How does a port scanner work?

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The port scanner is a software application which is designed to scan a server for open ports. This product is usually most often used by administrators who wish to verify security policies of their networks by running scans on them.
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How does a price scanner work?

A price scanner is often found in supermarkets and they allowcustomers to check the price of any given product. A price scannerworks by reading the bar code.

How does an ultrasound scanner work?

An ultrasound scanner is a scanning machine to do with sound. As the ultrasound scanner moves back and forth over your body, it sends sound waves through your skin and muscle. The sound waves are then turned into images that appear on TV screens, and can also be copied onto paper or X-ray film.

How do optical image scanners work?

There are a few different types of image scanners, most modern ones use a charge-coupled device (CCD) or a contact image sensor(CIS) as the image sensor. In a flatbed scanner this sensor is mounted on an aparatus which moves the sensor across the page to scan the entire image. In a hand-held scanner (MORE)

How an optical scanner works?

Answer--. A device that can read text or illustrations printed on paper and translate the information into a form the computer can use. A scanner works by digitizing an image -- dividing it into a grid of boxes and representing each box with either a zero or a one, depending on whether the box is f (MORE)

How does a document scanner work?

The document scanner is a device used to scan a document. You can save it and then print it later. They are very handy! The link below has a more detailed explanation.

How do scanners work?

Document Scanners have a glass plate and a cover. There is also a lamp used to illuminate the document. The scanner moves a mirror, reflecting the light across the document. The light is picked up by a simple CCD camera chip and digitizes the data line by line, like a slow scan TV. --------------- (MORE)

How a Fingerprint scanner works?

A fingerprint scanner works by emitting a focused light (usually LED) which is reflected back by the fingerprint surface. Because the raised portion reflects back light more effectively than the non-raised portions, a computer can easily determine the pattern and record them. A computer then can det (MORE)

Explain briefly how scanners work?

it uses a scanning device to scan things to the computer word by word... you can read its working in simple words from here : see related links

How scanner work?

A scanner works by capturing the digital image of document anduploading it to the computer. The image can then be altered andreprinted.

Does the scanner for HP Photosmart C4280 work?

Yes, it does. If you need help with it, here is HP's product support page for that model: .〈=en

How does a computer scanner work?

It uses 2 main parts, a light source (usually a cold cathode tube) and a light sensor (similar to that of a photo camera). The two parts are usually on a tray that sweeps the paper at a slow speed so that more detail is captured by the sensor.

Working of flatbed scanner?

light source underneath the picture or document illuminates the image. space white or black reflect more light than do inked and colored area. a motor moves the scan head underneath the page.when the scan head is moving it capture light that was reflected from individual areas of the page about 1/ (MORE)

Briefly explain how scanner work?

A scanner is a computer device that scans images, printed text,handwriting or an object and makes it a digital image. A paper oritem is placed on the glass surface, and then the cover is closedto prevent lens damage. It scans the document and makes a duplicateimage on the computer.

Does the HP 5200c scanner work on vista?

YES, This is not a problem with the hp software or driver. The XP software and driver do work in Vista32. The problem is in the vista security settings for the scanner. I would recommend that you install the HP Precision scan software. Then click the start button, scroll up to the HP Precision s (MORE)

Why does none of my computer's ports work?

You either have a power supply problem, or if the ports are coming straight off of the motherboard, which they normally are then you obviously have a motherboard problem. Part of it could have shorted out and the only thing you can really do is replace it.

Working principle of flatbed scanner?

A flatbed scanner serves as a means to inspect shipments by flatbedtrailer. It is most commonly used at major border crossings. Thedriver drives through the device slowly while a worker looks at atelevision screen that depicts what the scanner sees.

How do police scanners work?

Signals are sent from a police officer's radio to a "Repeater" located on a building somewhere. That repeater will have a signal code. for example... 159.900 is a signal frequency code. When your scanner is set on that code, or any other code, it will receive the transmissions from that code where e (MORE)

What scanners will work with Ubuntu?

Any scanners that are supported by SANE ("Scanner Access Now Easy") will work in Ubuntu. Note that you will need to add yourself to the "scanners" groupand log out and back in. A link in the "Related links" section below will show a list of supported models of scanner by manufacturer.

Will your scanner work when police change to 800megahertz?

That depends entirely on your scanner. Many cover the 800MHz band, but some don't. Also, if they're moving to that band, chances are that your local agencies are upgrading to a trunking system - something that may or may not be compatible with your scanner. Visit to research f (MORE)

How does anti-malware scanners work?

Antimalware scanners used to use signature databases to see if your computer was infected... When the program was run it would check to see if certain conditions where true (for example: new registry keys, files / folders) and if they where it would show the infection that made those changes. The pr (MORE)

What is the explanation for the working of image scanner?

In computing, an image scanner -often abbreviated to just scanner - is a device that optically scans images, printedtext, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digitalimage. Common examples found in offices are variations of the desktop (or flatbed) scanner where the document is placed o (MORE)

How does sheet-fed scanner work?

There should be a button to confirm you are preparing to scan something. Once you do that, you can put the paper into the feeding end of the scanner and it will roll through. After that everything should fall into place.

How do laser bar code scanners work?

Barcode scanners begin by illuminating the code with red light. The sensor of the barcode scanner detects the reflected light from the illumination system and generates an analog signal with varying voltage that represent the intensity (or lack of intensity) of the reflection.

Does adobe Photoshop work with a scanner?

You will need to first scan your image and then save it as a file that photoshop recognizes (jpeg, tiff, png, etc.) You can then open the image from photshop (file-> open)

Can esata ports work with USB?

It really depends on the type of motherboard and esata port. some computers can have a esata port compatible with usb 2.0. how you would know if your esata port is compatible with usb 2.0 is, it will have the actual usb logo (thing that looks like 3 wires coming from one wire)

What does a port scanner tell an attacker?

Now if you mean how does it catch a attacker: If a large amount of packets are being sent through ports that are above normal, or above the standards sent, it would assume its a attacker and posibly close the port until future action is stated. If you mean how a attacker finds a port: The atta (MORE)

Is a parallel port a socket used to connect a device such as a printer or a scanner?

An IBM PC parallel port used to be a standard socket on manycomputers used to connect to printers, scanners, and other suchdevices equipped with a Centronics port socket. However this kind of interface is now generally considered to be obsolete and almost no computer or device uses it anymore.USB h (MORE)

Why do USB ports stop working?

The Most common issues for usb ports to stop working is that the port its self is damaged. The damage can occure in multiple ways, either the port was defective, or a device used shorted out the port. Now if this occurs on a laptop their is very little you can do, other then having the USB board (MORE)

How does a bar code laser scanner work?

A bar code laser scanner works by shining a bright light (laser light) at the barcode and measuring the reflected beam. In order to scan the entire barcode very quickly, the light is bounced off a spinning disk to cover the entire barcode in one pass.

How does a metrologic bar code scanner work?

The Metrologic barcode scanner is one of the most popular barcode scanners. These scanners are widely used in grocery stores and hardware stores. They allow the ability to scan barcodes to bring up product information for purchases or additional information about a product.

How do 3d laser scanners work?

3d laser scanners work by analyzing an object from all sides and collect the data in it's computer to replicate the object. They use a cone-like field of vision, similar to cameras, to copy the size and distances in the shape to copy it.

How does a PDA bar code scanner work?

The PDA barcode scanner works by scanning the unique barcode attached to every item and searching it's database to find the corresponding information related to the product scanned. It reads the barcode by illuminated the barcode with red light and the sensor found within the PDA detects the reflect (MORE)

How do CCD bar code scanners work?

CCD barcode scanners work by illuminating the code with a red light, which is then reflected off, and collected by a scanner. The scanner analyzes the patterns, and decodes the code into ASCII text which can be read.

How does cordless scanners work?

A cordless scanners works like how a cellphone or a regular cordless phone works. There are electrical signals that are connected between the scanners and the device you are using.

What does utilizing a port scanner tell an attacker?

A port scanner such as AngryIP or ipscan will allow a hacker (orthe owner of a system or network) to investigate a computer system(or multiple systems or a network) and determine what port numbersare open and/or being responded to and possibly what software andcapabilities are available on the syste (MORE)