How does an editorial differ from a news article?

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A news article should contain only facts about an event that is being reported on, while an editorial provides the author's opinion about a subject. A news article should be objective, while an editorial may be subjective.
When a reporter of news gives an opinion about the event (discusses their feelings, or make predictions, etc), it could be said that the reporter is editorializing the news. The reporter is no longer providing only an objective point of view, but are introducing a subjective point of view which could persuade others to think about the even from a subjective point of view.
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What are the different types of editorial?

editorial of information . pooled editorial . mood editorial . editorial of interpretation . editorial of criticism . editorial of commendation . special occation

How an editorial differs from a news report?

A news report is a story about a person, event, or thing which ismade up only of facts. An editorial however, is the sentiment oropinion of a publication or editor.

How does news Reports differ from editorials?

News Reports differ from editorials, in my humble opinion, by including facts about a newsworthy event and opinions (possibly differing) from several to many different sources

What is the difference between feature article and news article?

The difference between a news story and a feature article - interms of the imaginary world of Insect Media. A news story informs us succinctly that, say, another flyhas been

What are the parts of editorial article?

1. Introduction, body and conclusion like other news stories 2. An objective explanation of the issue, especially complex issues 3. A timely news angle 4. Opinions from the op

Example of editorial news?

Editorial news is meant to inflict an opinion on a news story. Itcan be used to influence the public and cause action to be taken onan issue. In short, editorial news is opini

What is the difference between editorial and essay?

An essay is basically any body of work that explains or develops a thesis to EITHER persuade the reader OR to inform the reader.An editorial is strictly to persuade the reader

What is the difference between a feature article and an editorial?

A feature article is supposed to highlight an interesting aspect of human life. For example, a cancer survivor, someone who has climbed Mount Everest, etc. In other words it i

What are different part of editorial?

Parts of an Editorial -In the first paragraph you introduce the PROBLEM or a controversial situation. At the end of the first paragraph you write your POSITION STAT