How does ancient Greece compare to Greece?

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Ancient Greece had much less technology, and their democracy (direct democracy) is very different from the current Greek democracy. Also, Ancient Greece believed in Greek gods and that they caused natural disasters, while today Greece has scientific explanations for natural events. There are many other differences. You should search this on Google.
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What is Ancient Greece?

The many hundreds of Greek city-states which stretched from Spainand Africa to Asia Minor around the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegeanand Black Seas during the period 600 BCE to

Compare and contrast ancient Rome and ancient Greece leaders?

There was always a range of leaders in both communities - varying from conservative oligarchs ('the few') to radical populists (Greek demagogues , 'leaders of the people';

Where was Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece (Hellas as they called it) was distributed around the Mediterranean and Black Seas . It was not a country but hundreds of independent city-states which adopt

Compare and contrast ancient Rome and ancient Greece religion?

Greeks worshiped many gods + goddesses. The Romans were polytheistic, and were often part of cults such as the the cult if Isis. Rome took the Greek gods and changed the names

Compare ancient Egypt and ancient Greece?

Since someone placed this answer in the "shopping" category, I will assume they meant to compare the shopping in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. The shopping in ancient E

Where were the Ancient Greece?

they were in Greece today as separated city-states (countries) with one culture, then they spreaded their culture throughout the civilized world from India to Egypt including

Compare ancient Greece and modern Greece?

There are many things that you can compare like the Greeklanguage and several dialects in various areas of Greece , theGreek mentality and culture also have many similarities

How to Compare and contrast ancient Egypt and Greece?

Ancient Egypt Medicine: people preformed high-tech Astronomy: Saw the movements of the planets and recorded the constellations; made the calendar we use today Mathematics: t
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Where was the ancient Greece standium in Greece?

There were many standiums in ancient Greece, not a single one..many of them exist today, such as Epidavrus,Panathinean Stadium in Athens and many more...
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Is ancient Greece and Greece the same?

Greece is a country existing from the 19 th centuryonwards. Ancient Greece is a phrase for all the cities-states inthe area where the Greek state is located today.
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How does democracy of ancient greece compare with that of the united states?

The modern U.S. democratic model bears several strong similarities to that of ancient Greece. The U.S. government is divided into the three branches: legislative, executive an