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Computers help society by using internet connection so that people from all around the world know each other. Some examples like facebook and MSN can be a really convenient program to know each other from all around the world
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How has computers changed society?

Computers have changed society in an infinite number of ways. What used to take someone hours of searching through library books can now be done within a matter of seconds on

What are the disadvantages of computer in the society?

The disadvantage of the computer in society is people are not as  personal with communication. People maintain relationships through  social media rather than real life inte

What is the impact of computers and the internet on society?

The internet and computers play a very important rlo in the 21st century. The biggest impact is that computers and the internet have improved daily lives, despite the negative

Is computer helpful?

Yes it can help people by giving them information and information is needed to help improve the human race.

What are the uses of computers in today's society?

Computers are used on a daily basis in today's society. People use  computers in homes, and in businesses. Most cell phone devices are  basically compact computers.

Why are computers are good in society?

Computers and technology make things possible on many levels that would not be if computers did not exist. Computers are able to handle large amounts of data for research whic

How does society use computers in manufacturing?

Computers are an essential part of manufacturing in our society.  They are used to power machines, regulate the manufacturing  process, and track goods, services, and produc

What are the examples of computer application in society?

    Examples of the computer application in the society includes:   1. Word processor.   2. Spreadsheet   3. Data base   4.

What are the importance of computer in society?

the importance roles that computer plays in the society are 1.to support collaborative writing and sharing of resources between student.2. for internet based research to suppo

What is the impact of computer in your education and in your society?

Computers and computer technology have totally changed the face of the world as we start the twenty-first century. It would be hard to find one corner of our society that has

Introduction to computer in the society?

The word "computer" is derived from the Latin word "computare", which means to calculate. Basically we can define computer as an electronic machine capable for presenting math

What was computer used for in society?

  the world has been my dream/imagination/trip/death/hell/simulation/and or nightmare my bad society

What impact did the invention of computers have on society?

Answer   people had an easier way to live in a better society way to do their work and people were able to comunicate by internet.   Answer   Many people were abl