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Computers help society by using internet connection so that people from all around the world know each other. Some examples like facebook and MSN can be a really convenient program to know each other from all around the world
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How does computer help or society?

  It depends on what decade you want to know about. When electronic computers were first being built, they were useful in that could do long, complex calculations in a sho

What is the role of computers in modern society?

As we hurtle towards the 21st century, we must accept the inevitability of a computer revolution in the near future. It is an-inseparable part of development, as demonstrated

What kinds of challenges do computers bring to a digital society and how does becoming computer fluent help you deal with these challenges?

Challenges that computers bring to society would be: - People get replaced by computers. - tree's get sved, because people typ instead of write. - Find definations easily, ins

How computer helps computer in government?

Computers play an important role in government daily work. It first replaced typewriters for the production of government documents, before being called upon for larger tasks

What impact computer had on society?

computer has has a VERY important impact in our life because it helps do most of our work in our daily life like giving us knowledge about the world we live in and doing some

What are the different applications of computer in the society?

  there are so many applications of computer in our society....first one is the spread sheet....spread sheet is a computer program for manipulation and retrieval especiall

How do computers help you?

Well me, personally they help me with finding out data, and studying for assignments, etc. They also help me because I don't like writing on paper that much, but it is way eas

Is computer helpful?

Yes it can help people by giving them information and information is needed to help improve the human race.

How does society use computers in education?

Computers are widely used in the educational environment from elementary schools to universities. The majority of schools teach basic computer literacy and also run their own

How can computers help you?

  Computers can help you in many different ways.   Messaging: If you know that someone will be on their computer at home, you can email them a message, instead of a lon

How computers are changing society?

Computers are changing society because technology in computers are so advanced. You can now webchat on skype with anyone around the world with no cost! Or email! Also movie ma