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How does food safety affect to young?

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Food safety , if not properly taken care for, it might harm the young infants because they have the highest possibility of becoming seriously ill. They usually don't know about it. Therefore they should be made aware about it.
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How does food safety affect the young?

Food safety is really essential especially in the case of young  people because they are at the highest possibility of becoming ill  by the unsafe eating habits. they can be

What are the roles of food industry in food safety?

The Food Industry plays an important role in keeping food safe by  identifying and managing food safety risks, and by complying with  all of food safety regulations.  

How does food safety affect people with immune problem?

Food safety is important for everyone, as it can reduce or eliminate many food-borne illnesses. However, food safety is of critical importance for people with compromised immu

What is food safety and hygiene?

Food safety and hygiene are the things we need to do to prevent improper cooking, bacteria and other food-borne diseases. If you are working in a food premise like restaurants

Who is responsible for food safety?

  Food safety is really important no matter where you work. Say for instance within a hospital environment, it is often the Nutrition Department, and the Food Services tha

What is the food safety and food quality manegement?

Food Safety management manages the sanitation and proper food handling within an establishment that services the public. Food Quality management manages the desired look and c

What is the importance of food safety and hygiene?

Food safety and hygiene are crucial  when handling and preparing food. It is what prevents sickness,  death, and litigation. 

How does canned food affect food safety?

Canned food effectively creates a barrier between the food and outside contaminants. Cans also help to preserve foods by limiting the amount of air and oxidation directly on t