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How does heroin affect an unborn child?

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How does taking cocaine during pregnancy affect an unborn child?

they become as addicted as the mother and suffer tremondously when born for years to come, physically, mentally and emotionally. cocain can do alot of harm to your baby.It c

Can a heroin father effect an unborn child?

  No. Although heroin may cause miscarriages if pregnant women abuse it too often or too much, a father's sperm cell will not be affected in any way by heroin (though his

How does gonorrhea affect an unborn child?

Gonorrhoea demands immediate attention in females. It can be easily cured by single dose of injection ceftriaxone one gram IV, single dose. As such it does not affect the unbo

Does psoriasis affect an unborn child?

If it is skin Psoriasis this will not affect the unborn baby , this is just a form of dermatitis and can be flare up more often if you get stressed out or can also be due to t

What are the affects of PID on an unborn child?

Pelvic inflammatory disease can be diagnosed and treated before or during pregnancy also. So it should not affect your pregnancy adversely.

Can amphetamine affect an unborn child?

Amphetamines are considered unsafe to use in pregnancy and while there is limited medical evidence of the consequences of using amphetamine type stimulant drugs during pregnan

How does drugs affect an unborn child?

Various drugs have side effects. If you are taking drugs that you are supposed to, then these may have side effects on the unborn fetus. They may be worse because it is much s

'can cat hair affect an unborn child'?

No, but I've herd about cat's pee or poop (i don't remember what one) having negative affects on unborn and newborn baby's. best to have someone else scoop the litter box
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Does crack cocaine affect an unborn child?

Of course it does. Any drug will affect an unborn child. Drugs are extrememly harmful to YOUR body in the first place. Drugs get into your blood stream, which is directly conn

How does LSD affect an unborn child?

There is strong experimental evidence that it causes fetal death (abortive), stillbirths, and stunted development. Some researchers found that the dosage (high or low) was not
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What happens if your unborn child is addicted to heroin?

A heroin addiction is extremely powerful. If you are pregnant and addicted to H you need to see if you can get into a methadone treatment facility IMMEDIATELY. This is NOT a j