How does one write a verbatim?

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Verbatim is an adverb, not a noun. To write something verbatim means to copy it word for word.

(By the way, doing so on purpose, and then presenting it as your own idea, is known as plagiarism, and could get you in trouble.)
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What is verbatim?

Answer . It means, "The exact words".. or quoted word for word. Verbatim means word for word or exactly the same words, no paraphrasing.

How do you write verbatim?

Verbatim means "word for word". Therefore, it means to quote someone word for word. John said, "I have an apple".

What is a sentence for verbatim?

The word verbatim means "word for word". Used in a sentence, itwould look like this: "The teacher told Carrie's parents what wassaid verbatim".

What are verbatim minutes?

Verbatim minutes , like transcripts, are a record of every single word said at a meeting. They are often long and can be difficult to skim for a particular piece of informat

What is the plural of verbatim?

The word verbatim is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb or an adjective; or an adjective, a word that describes a noun. Neither adverbs nor adjectives have a singular and
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Where can one purchase Verbatim brand DVDs?

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