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How far is Tampa Florida from Miami Florida?

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About forty-five minutes by aeroplane, and four and a half hours by car, taking the delightful Tamiami trail A.K.A. Alligator alley. Some advice if you're driving: Drive fast with a full tank of gas and don't stop.

It is 279.86 miles according to MapQuest.
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How far is Tampa Florida from Seffner Florida?

The distance between the starting point and the destination is 16.32 mi, (24 km), and with reasonable traffic conditions it will take approximately 22 minutes driving time.

How far is it from Venice Florida to Tampa Florida?

  79.0 mi - about 1 hour 19 mins   Venice, FL, USA to Tampa, FL, USA 1. Head north on FL-45/US-41 N toward Ridgewood Ave 3.9 mi 2. Slight right at FL-681 3.1 mi 3