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How far is it from Baja to Hilo?

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Varies among cities, as Baja California is quite a large peninsula. Straight-line distance between Hilo and Tijuana (bordering San Diego) is 4,035 kilometers (2,508 miles). Distance between Hilo and Los Cabos is 4,700 kilometers (2,921 miles).
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Where is hilo located?

East side of the Big Island (Island of Hawai'i)

Where is baja?

Baja is located in the state of California, but within Mexico. Bajais bordered by the United States to the north and the PacificOcean.

What is Hilo?

A mixture of hi and hello

How far is it from Honolulu to Hilo?

like totally like farr do you like want to like go there??? ive been there like a gazillion times and like i did like not like like it.... tooodellss

How far is it from Baja Mexico to Mexico City?

It depends on where you start. See, Baja is a pretty long peninsula that stretches 1,250 Kilometers (775 miles) from the San Diego-Tijuana border down to Cabo San Lucas. There