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How far is it from Baja to Hilo?

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Varies among cities, as Baja California is quite a large peninsula. Straight-line distance between Hilo and Tijuana (bordering San Diego) is 4,035 kilometers (2,508 miles). Distance between Hilo and Los Cabos is 4,700 kilometers (2,921 miles).
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Hilo features a Tropical Rainforest climate, with substantial rainfall throughout the course of the year. Hilo's location on the eastern side of the island of Hawai'i, makes i

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~ It has a terrible Chemistry department. ~It has a very hands on Geology and Marine Science department ~It is the only school in the world to offer a degree in Hawaiian S

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Mrs. Charolette Hylton invented it when she and her husband, Robert Hylton were living in Hilo Hawaii in the 1970's. It was a promotional coin for Hilo, and The women's club s