How fuse is used to prevent too much electric current from flowing through a circuit?

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When too much current flows through the fuse, it heats up and melts. Hence, the circuit is broken and the current does not flow through the circuit or the gadget.
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How a fuse controls the flow of electric current in a circuit?

A fuse does not control the flow in a circuit, it limits the current in a circuit. If the load in a circuit shorts out the fuse link melts and opens the circuit and stops the

Too much current flowing in a circuit?

When too much current passes through a conductor it can cause an overload of electricity which if not earthed can be very dangerous to human contact. If the object that is con
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What causes a current to flow through an electric circuit?

A voltage. That acts like a force on electrons (or other charged particles), pushing them away from one end, and attracting them to the other end (of a battery, for example).\
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Why do the wires of an electrical circuit become warm if too much current passes through them?

The power dissipated by anything when an electric current flows in it is I 2 R . ' I ' = the current through it, ' R ' = its resistance. -- "Dissipated power"
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Is electric current flows only through a closed circuit?

Yes. Electrical current only flows in a closed circuit. If it were an open circuit, there would be no current. Answer An interesting question. The answer is.... not nece