How is Japan?

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for one, Japan signed a treaty not to have a standing military.
they agreed to this so that America would not drop any more nukes on their civilians.
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How is Japan developed without resources?

japan wouldn't developed without resources because its all what japan needs they are up to date wuth technology new hard drives, phones , new games consoles and cars they inve

How is Japan rich?

The people are very industrious and after their defeat in WW2 there was an equalization of class distinctions that gave all Japanese people opportunities. They were also guide

How is Japan religion?

Japan's religion is mainly Buddhism and other sections of Buddhism. Also small populations are christians and hindus,Muslims.

How is japan so rich?

Japan is rich because they make a lot of TV shows and because of the other things they sell.

How is Japan connected to the world?

Japan is connected to the world because of the Pearl Harbor attack, if it wasnt for the attack , WWII wouldn't have accelerated so fast . Japan was really smart because when

How is japan geographically isolated?

As an archipelago, Japan is an island chain and is surrounded by water. The water acts as a natural and geographical barrier, separating the country from its nearest land neig

How is Japan nowadays?

Not a good place to be as they have had a 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami and three nuclear reactors have exploded so in my opinion i wouldn't suggest it. It will take the Japane
In Japan

How is Japan changing?

its changing very bad that all the earthquakes happend because your momma walked in