How likely is it for a child of narcissists to become a narcissist?

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There are no reliable stats.

It seems to be a case of genetic predisposiiton brought out by environmental factors.

For sure the almost stand alone factor is emotional abandonment by BOTH parents during infancy / early childhood. Some lines indicate having an N-Momster rather than an N-Dad leads to a higher incidence of N-ism in a child.
However from what I have observed, most children growing up with an N-parent are at risk of becoming co-dependent rather than a N-ist. Co-dependency being the 'opposite' to N-ism.
With N-ism there is an overvaluing of the self and with co-dependency an undervaluing or disrespect of self or one's ego boundaries.
Having an N parent certainly increases the risk of turning a golden baby into an 'evil' machine.
I think narcissism is a very heritable trait. I think in my case, it's apparent that my narcissism was inherited because the narcissism is on the dad's side of the family, and my non-narcissistic mom was the primary caregiver. My dad's sister and my sister are narcissists, and I have very strong narcissistic traits. But I think we were raised in perfectly normal environments (although I blamed my mom for my problems for years). My mom was relatively normal and loving, but my dad kept to himself. After huge traumas, my narcissistic traits became inverted and I became aware that something was wrong.
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