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How long are you responsible for someone else's property?

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If the person left items behind after leaving a rental, they should be stored with notice to the tenant within ten days advising them of the movement and then give 30 days notice that it will be disposed of. If the lease describes the issue, then there is really no required time frame. Medical issues, arrests, or eviction may change the rules somewhat. Get legal advice before taking action.
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FOr as long as you have it in your possession.
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Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurance  policy for accidental injuries.    Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may arise

If your car is stolen from your driveway and the thief damages someone else's property while driving the car who is responsible Does your insurance have to pay for the damage that a thief caused?

Answer     I'm pretty sure a lot of that depends on local laws, and also your insurance policy. I daresay you wouldn't have to fork out anything except your premiums

Can you drink someone else's blood?

Why would you want to?! Yes but...Anyway uh...If you did and the other person had HIV or Aids...you'd be screwed. --- some people enjoy it lol. i reccommend only doing this

What do you wear for someone else's graduation?

Dress fancy, like you would for a wedding. For women/girls: A pretty,formal dress any color, fancy shoes, maybe some hair accessories. For men/boys: A button down shirt with d

Can you sell someone else's property?

You cannot sell another person's real property unless they execute a Power of Attorney that gives you the authority to convey on their behalf. The buyer's attorney will requir

Can you use someone else's passport?

No. Using another person's passport is a criminal offense in every jurisdiction. You may well end up arrested and incarcerated.

Can I pay someone Else's bill for them?

I don't think you can unless you generously give them the money by hand or a check then I don't think so but I'm not quite sure...

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Can you insure someone else's car?

One may generally insure the property of another if you have an  insurable interest in it. This means that you have a financial  interest in the property that may be harmed

How can you access someone else's Facebook?

You can't- unless you hack into their computer or account -which is illegal.   You can get fined and possibly go to jail if caught...   See related question below