How long can you leave a raw turkey out of the refrigerator?

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You shouldn't really as food is in the danger zone where bacteria can reproduce at a much faster rate. This means its more likely you'll get food poisoning.
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How long can you keep turkey refrigerated?

I bought butterball turkey today Nov 19th and it was completely thawed. Can I refreeze it? Or can I keep it in the refrigerator until Thursday, which is 5 days from now. I don

How long can you keep a raw turkey refrigerated before it is unsafe to eat?

People constantly ask for some type of verification that the food they eat will not make them ill. That is nearly impossible to do without bacteriological and chemical tests,

How long will refrigerated raw wild turkey keep?

There are many schools of thought on the refrigeration life span of poultry. Some think that a fresh bird can be kept refrigerated in the home for a week, while others think

Is one week too long to keep a raw turkey in the refrigerator?

yes it is it might rote some other foods beccause of the meat dropping and smell ! i suggest at least keep it 3-5 days raw and if you refrigerator starts to smell bad either c