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How long do fingers nails grow in a week?

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I'm not a doctor or any medical person of any kind but i may know a little about this through experience of my own. My nails grow around 2 millimeters a week but how I think you can make them grow faster is if you like bite on them or something to do with your own saliva might let them grow faster since I was wondering how my nails grew so fast and all i remember was biting them but not really desroying them. I suggest you can wash your hands and try biting them or something if you want to let your nails grow faster but i still dont really actually know if it really actually works but i think it works by 88%.
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How do your finger nails grow faster?

I was reading an article and in the article it said that if you dip your nails in olive oil and lemon jucie you will grow healthy stronger nails, Only dip at night because you

Do finger nails stop growing?

Nope. If you look in the Guinness Book of World Records you will see the longest fingernails on record. It is really gross. I mean really gross.

Why grow pink finger nail long?

some people sniff coke out of it....pimps tend to grow becuz its just pure pimpin or cuz they just coke heads......and some just do it for their love of their pinky nails....l