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How long do you cook a 1.25kg chicken when instructed to cook 45 minutes for each kg?

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If it states just 45 mins per kg, then it is 45 minutes plus 11.25 mins, so 56 mins 15 secs
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How many minutes do you cook chicken on a foreman?

Close the grill and set the Timer to 5 minutes. When the Timer beeps, check the chicken with the tip of a knife. If the chicken is not cooked completely through, continue gril

How long do you cook a 1.4 kg chicken?

A chicken which is 1. 4 kg or 2. 20 pounds should be cooked in an  oven set to 350 degrees. This size chicken should cook for 1 to 1.  25 hours and until it has an internal

How long to you cook chicken thighs?

That depends. According to American food sanitation codes, any chicken must be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. How long it takes to get

How long do you cook a 1.88kg chicken?

How long to cook a 1.88 kg chicken will depend on the method of  cooking and also if it is stuffed or not. On average you should  bake 1 kg of chicken at a temperature of 18

How long to cook stuffed chicken 1 kg?

Unstuffed 1kg -- 1.4kg -- 1 -- 1½ hours 1.6kg -- 1.8kg -1½ -- 1¾ hours 2kg -- 2.3kg -1½ -- 2 hours 2.3 -- 2.7kg -1¾ -- 2½ hours Stuffed 1kg -- 1.4kg -1½ -- 2

How longe to cook rotissrie chicken?

Rotisserie chicken varies depending on  the size of the chicken. Usually it is about 12min per 1lb of  chicken.