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How long does a snail sleep?

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A snail can hibernate for up to three years.
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Do garden snails sleep?

I believe garden snails do sleep. Not like I know it from experience, but I find that my garden snails often go into their shells and stay like that for a while. Though I pred

Does snails sleep?

  yes ofcourse they do, they hide in their shell while they sleep also when their scared

How long can a snail sleep without eating?

Hey It's me, Jamie. If you Are looking for the answer to this question, then keep reading! At school I have Science Trivia questions and this is one of them. The answer to "Ho

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Do snails sleep?

Yes, snails sleep, but it's hard to tell when they are sleeping. The average snail moves at speeds of up to 0.1 mph, making it the world's slowest mollusk.

Do snail sleep?

Ofcourse they do they crawl into their shell and sleep.

Does a snail sleep?

I am sure they sleep, because most living things need sleep to survive (including plants!). I take care of Garden Snails, and I find that they slip into their little shells an

Why does snails sleep for three years?

Sometimes when a drought comes along, the snail needs to retain the moisture. It sucks itself into its shell and then hibernates until suffcient water returns to the area
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How do you know if your snail is hungry tired or sleeping?

  Answer     if it is up and moveing about it is happy if it is moveing really slow and wont move it is tired and sleepy if you lay leaf down in the bottom of
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Do sea snails sleep?

Yes, sea snails do sleep. It is hard to determine whether a sea  snail sleeps, but some have hibernation patterns where they sleep  for several days at a time and then do no