How long should a erect fifteen year old boys penis be?

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all sizes are different. it could be 2 inches or it could be 10 inches. just be happy with yourself
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How long should your penis be you are 12 years old?

I have some good news: I am a boy and my mates and me are 12 and we all have between 2.5-4'' long when erected. I am 3.5 not so it's all cool and your penis will grow within t

For a fifteen year old boy is 7 inch penis large?

It's normal and healthy. Go take a cold shower.. Its healthy but not normal. When you consider that the average sized, fully adult penis is maximum 6 in. (This is the maximum

How long is an average penis for a fifteen year old?

Penis size is much like the rest of physiology, you get what you get & what does it matter if you are bigger or smaller than average. The other issue is whether the measuremen

How long is a 16 year old boys penis supposed to be?

The stretched penile length of a 16 year old should be between 9.4cm and 14.8cm (average 11.9cm) Stretched penile length is obtained when the penis is flaccid, and as the n