How long should people spend in the shower?

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Showers should be short for a couple of different reasons. First of all, long, hot showers dry out your skin and your hair which can result in brittle hair and flaky skin. Second, although taking long showers can be enjoyable, it wastes water which will cost you money on your utility bill. i say 6 min each day MAX. think about the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT!
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Should people spend time in the sun?

Yes, the sun is helthy for us, our body makes vitamin D when we get out as our body's cant produce them. People should limit their time in the sun to around fifteen minutes a day to keep up their vitamin D stores. Excess sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, unsightly skin growths in middle (MORE)

Reasons why people should spend more money on a church?

If you mean for the upkeep of the church i.e maintenance of it structure, then give what you can. If you mean that your donates will be used wholly for the welfare of the poor and needy people, why not fast for a day and give the money that the missed meals would have cost. If it is for the wages (MORE)

We just painted our bathroom How long should you wait before we can shower again?

Wait at the very minimum 4 hours for the paint to be completely surface dry. Then to be to be sure not to damage the new paint work wait for 24 hours if you can.. Lots of factors to consider. The humidity is a big factor, as well as temperature. You need to have good ventilation. If you have the he (MORE)

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How long should it take to shower?

the average shower should only be 10-15 minutes. If you don't believe me i did soooo much research for my science project at school. So if you still dont look it up your self.

How much do you spend on a bridal shower gift?

It depends on your budget and how close you are with the couple. Typically, shower gifts are in the $25-50 range for most people, but if you are really close or really affluent, $100 isn't unheard of.

How long should a shower take?

A shower takes at least 5 minutes fro boys and for girls it takes 30 minutes or less uh oh i might be a girl cause im usually in the shower for 15-20 minutes.

How long should you wait before showering after tanning?

It is not necessary that you wait.. Showering right after tanning has no detrimental effect on your tan (tingle and bronzers aside). The issue of drying of the skin by showering is so small that it will not interrupt the tanning process, or cause any uneveness in the tan. Melanogenesis occurs from (MORE)

Why should people take showers daily?

Showering daily helps to clean any dirt, sweat or oils from your skin and keep you healthy that way. You will more easily fall ill to disease if you don't shower for that reason. It also helps to stop you from smelling, keeps your hair clean, helps to remove excess skin cells and helps you to mainta (MORE)

Why do girls spend ages in the shower?

As compared to most boys, girls do have more hair on their head to wash. Girls often will use a body wash or body scrub, along with shampoo and conditioner, which adds time. Many girls will also shave their legs in the shower. All of this adds onto time.

How much to spend on baby shower gift?

Spend only what you can afford. Don't extend your limit. Some ideas: A medium sized basket with baby powder; wipes; under shirts; etc., and then put into the basket and use a large piece of cellophane (you can buy this where you buy gift wrap at a drug store or card shop) and pull the cellophane (MORE)

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1) Stretch the opening every day for 15-20 minutes twice per day. The more time you spend stretching it the faster it will work. 2) Go very slowly. Stretch it firmly, but don't make it hurt. If you feel pain or have bleeding or irritation, stop for a while and use less force. If you feel pain, yo (MORE)

How much should the mother of the groom spend on a shower gift?

Strictly speaking , the Bridal Shower should be for the Bride -To-Be's friends, not her Mother or her Mother-in -Law to be. This should be a girl-fest. It would be more appropiate for you two to have a private luncheon, and you may give her a present that will have a special meaning, like a family h (MORE)

How long do people in Singapore spend on education?

Children need to have at least 6 years(7-12 years old) of Primary education(its compulsory)and then there is either 4 or 5 years in secondary school and then theres JC(junior college) OR polytechnic and then the working career

How long should it take you to take a shower?

you should take a shower atleast 15 min or more>>>>it not necesary for boys who dont have hair to use shampoo but they could doe (girs do to take of flies) ________________________________________________________________ A power shower for 15 minute could use 272 litres of water. Enough for 3 a (MORE)

How much should two people spend on eating out?

This varies widely based on the area, type of restaurant, and time of day. Lunch menus tend to be cheaper, as do local joints compared with national chains. But for dinner at Applebees, I'd say 30-40 dollars.

How long is a shower?

if you mean long in a (time period) kind of way then listen up! pretty much as long as you want it to be but beware of your water bill, cause that will be rising. bye bye i hope i helped :)

How long should you wait to shower after exercise?

It is ok to shower after excercise. The most important thing is COOL DOWN 10-15 minutes after exercising, let your heart rate back to normal.. and the temperature of the water shouldn't be very hot or very cold. Very hot water will dilate the blood vessel and makes you feel dizzy.

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Why should people shower?

because the bactries and other harmfull substances wont get in your body. showering gets away any dirt and skin flakes

How long before the birth of a baby should you have a baby shower?

Most people schedule a baby shower for the last 2 or 3 months before birth. Baby shower invitations are mailed 3-4 weeks before the event. You want to pick a date that is not too close to the mom's due date so that she'll have time to buy things that she'll need but didn't get at the shower. Also, i (MORE)

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