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How many Australians watch tv?

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13.2 million Australian people watch free to air television.
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How many people watch tv while doing homework?

I don't, though many do.   I do not know the percentage of people who watch TV whilst doing homework but I am sure it is quite high. I used to watch TV whilst doing homewor

How many hours do adults spend watching tv?

Studies in the early part of 2010 came up with two figures: UK adults watch on average 4 hours of television per day, amounting to 120 hours each month. US adults are reporte

How many people watch the Oprah TV show?

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How do they calculate how many people watch a tv show?

  Answer   At the moment, they still do it as they have for decades. A research firm called Nielsen selected a whole bunch of families all across the country and the

How many hours do Mexicans watch TV?

this question is to vague, there can not be an exact number. in Mexico even poor people own a TV, there are some weird exceptions. To give an aproximate, 6 hours a Day? peopl