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According to Wikipedia: "Fifty-six [U.S. Senators] hold degrees in the law, of whom forty-nine actually practiced law.
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How many Senators are in the US Senate?

There are 100 US Senators. Every state gets 2 senators and there are 50 states. It is important to note that the President of the Senate, the person who presides over the sess

How many Senators are in the Australian Senate?

There are 76 senators in the Australian Senate, with 12 from each  of the 6 states and 2 each from the autonomous internal  territories.

How many senators currently in the senate?

100. There are 2 from each state. 2X50= 100. At the moment there are only 99; Senator Ted Kennedy is off ill. Rebuttle answer Actually,he is still a senator if he is sitting

How many senators are there in the Missouri senate?

The Senate of Missouri is comprised of 34 members (this does not include the president). Though there is a President of the Senate, he or she is not elected a member of the Se

How many senators total there are in the senate?

There are 100 senators. Two senators are elected from every state for a six year term. The Senate makes up the Upper House in Congress. In the House of Representatives there a