How many US congressmen are lawyers?

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Yes, 36% of congressman are lawyers.
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How many US congressmen are there?

At the federal level, the word, "Congressman" is often used to denote a member of the House of Representatives. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives . Each st

How many congressmen are in the US congress?

There are 435 representatives in the US House of Representatives("congressmen"). There are 100 senators in the US Senate. There are also 6 non-voting members of the House, one

How many US Senators and US Congressmen are there?

There are 100 US Senators and 435 voting US Representatives (plus 6 non-voting Representatives) for a total of 535 Congresspeople (541 when you include non-voters).

How many years us congressmen elected?

The House of Representatives of Congress number 435 (435 of them from districts of roughly equal population) are elected for terms of two years. Senators (100 of them, two f