How many Vietnam Veterans have committed suicide since leaving Vietnam?

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More than 150,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide since coming home from Vietnam. This is almost three times the number of soldiers that actually died during the war.
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How many Vietnam Veterans have died from suicide since the war ended in 1975?

Answer I heard it was 68,000 . Michael Badnarik began studying the Constitution and Bill of Rights twenty-five years ago, which led him to the disturbing conclusion that MO

How many Vietnam veterans were there?

Over 2 1/2 million men served in country; over 3 million total served in SE Asia. Minus the 58,000 dead, and attrition over the past 40 years, would be the remaining veterans.

How many committed suicide after the Vietnam war?

An estimate of the total suicide deaths of veterans of the Vietnam War is about 9,000. Studies show that in the first five years after returning from the war, veterans were 1.
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How many American Vietnam soldiers committed suicide?

A VA doctor estimated that 200,000 U.S. soldiers died from suicides and that the numbers of suicides related to media were low because some of the suicides were deemed acciden