How many apples does one bushel of apples contain?

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One bushel of apples weighs about 42 lbs. One pound of apples generally consists of 4 small apples or 3 medium or 2 large apples.
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How much a bushel of apples weighs?

Actually, a bushel of apples weigh's in at about 42 lbs. This is depending on the apple variety, i.e. smaller apples will weigh more per bushel volume and some apples are actually more dense, etc. but 42 lbs per bushel is about average.\n. \nTake Care!\n. \n-M\n. \n. \n. \n How much what? (MORE)

How many apples are in a bushel?

The bushel was originally a measurement of volume, but for agricultural produce these days it is regularly agreed as a measurement of weight. But one bushel is not standardised: the precise agreed weight can vary from state to state, and also according to what produce is being measured. In New Y (MORE)

How much does a bushel of apples cost?

The weight of an apple bushel is 48 lbs. The current average pricein regular grocery stor now is $1.39 per lbs., according to theJuly 2014 average prices by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thatbrings the cost of a bushel of apples to $66.72.

What is the weight of a bushel of apples?

The understanding, from working on fruit and vegetable farms, is that a bushel is more of a volume than a weight. There is such a thing as a standard bushel, or half bushel basket that you can get from agricultural supply companies. A bushel basket is about three feet tall by about two feet wide at (MORE)

Does apple contain starch?

Apples naturally contain starch. The starch in apples decreases asthe apples ripen and the starch will then turn into sugar.

What do apples contain that prevent cancer?

Antioxidants. These are substances which protect the body's cells from the damaging effects of highly unstable molecules called free-radicals. In some cases free-radicals can damage the genetic material of a cell, so increasing the chance that it will become cancerous. Be eliminating free radicals, (MORE)

Is a peck of peaches bigger than a bushel of apples?

Well, seeing as WikiAnswers states the following: "Jobs and Education question: How many peck in a bushel ? Four pecks in a bushel , and two gallons in a peck , so eight gallons in a bushel". Then the answer would be: a peck of peaches is smaller than a bushel of apples.

How much protein does an apple contain?

nothing nothing at all well if you wanna be techinacal if you peal the skin off it will contain FAT ! So eat it with the skin ON !!!!! Btw one day i ate a apple & it snagged my tooth out doctor told me it was b/c the apples fat was getting to it the grams was eating away my tooth so EAT WITH THE SKI (MORE)

How many calories are in one juiced apple?

On average perhaps 80 calories. . The exact number of calories in one juiced apple depends on the size of the apple and whether or not you include the peel. For more information about the calorie content of apples according to size, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related (MORE)

How many grams of sugar in one apple?

It depends upon the size of the apple. If it is a small apple with about 70 calories, it will have about 15 gram of total sugar. If the apple is large and has about 115 calories, it will have about 23 grams of sugar. .

How much iron does an apple contain?

One cup of apples with the skin have about .13 mg of iron. (Apples are not an iron-rich food, unlike fruits such as dates, prunes, apricots, or raisins, to name a few.)

How one rotten apple affects others in the same container?

\nThe internal bacteria that are spoiling or decomposing the rotting apple spread to adjoining, healthy apples and start spoiling those apples before they would begin to spoil on their own.\n. \nThat's why we separate spoiling and overripe food as often as possible -- to minimize the spread of the (MORE)

 If you take 2 apples out of a basket containing 6 apples how many apples do you have?

it depends on whether there are 6 apples in the basket before or after you took the two out... and whether the the apples in the basket are yours or not to begin with... possible answers: 2 (if you count the apples that you have at hand) 4 (if you are counting the apples in the basket only) 6 (if t (MORE)

How many apples could you grow from one apple seed?

The is no specific limit, but the maximum number of applesfrom a single tree, grown from a single seed, could range from 5 to10 thousand apples for some species, and as many as 100 thousandfor others, over the life of an adult tree. Some especially large,productive, or long-lived trees could even (MORE)

How Many Apples are in One Apple Seed?

There are no apples in a seed only the potential to grow a tree that given the right conditions and care may one day produce fruit. Most fruit trees are now grafted onto hardy stock with cuttings from a reliable tree.

How many apples are in an apple seed?

There are no apples in an apple seed due to the germantion but if you plant the seed it will aventually grow into either an apple or an apple tree x

What did the apple one do?

In common with available "micro" computers at the time the Apple I did not do very much. Unlike the other computers, which you bought as a kit and had to build yourself, the Apple I was a complete circuit board. You needed to add a case to enclose it, a keyboard to enter information into it and a TV (MORE)

If we both have a bag of apples and i give you one then I have half of what you have but if you give me on we will be even. how many apples do we have?

i have n apples you have k apples. if you lose one and i gain one you have half of what i have. n - 1 = (k + 1)/2 if i give you one, we will be even n + 1 = k - 1. this implies n = k - 2. plug this into the first equation (k-2) - 1 = (k + 1)/2 k -3 = k/2 +1/2 k/2 = 7/2 k = 7 and p (MORE)

How many bananas will equal one apple?

Seeing as the banana is the most superior fruit there is, it would take an infinitely small portion of a banana to equal an apple. Seeing as no matter is infinitely dividivle, it is not possible to compare apples and bananas. Bananas are everything. Apples are nothing.

How many apple seeds are in an apple?

This vary from apple to apple, and also very much between the type of apple. Most apples have between 8-12 seeds, but some have less, others have many many more. The amount of seeds may vary with the condition of the tree, and the growth year also. If it is a particularily bad year, then there (MORE)

How many seeds do apples contain?

Apples have an indeterminate amount of seeds. Not all ovules are fertilised and so not all of them form into seeds. The number of seeds is also determined by the variety of apple.

How much iron does apple contain?

One medium apple that is raw and contains its skin has on average 0.2 mg of iron which is 1% the Percent Daily Value recommended for people ages 4 or older who have a 2,000 calorie diet.

Does an apple contain any fat?

Apples don't have any fat just lots of good nutrients like fibre and antioxidants. It doesn't have any protein either keep that in mind

How many apples are there in apple pie?

It depends on the size of the apples; recipes I've seen call for3-6 fresh apples cut or diced to make 3-7 cups. The average 9" pieplate can hold about 4-5 cups of heaped apples. Apples vary greatly in size. Some varieties can be double theweight of other varieties. The best type for a baked Apple P (MORE)

Which apples contain caffeine?

Zero. Apples do not contain any caffeine at all. But on the contrary, apples work better at waking you up in the morning than all coffes.

Does an apple contain vitamin b12?

No, because b12 is usually found in anaimal origin foods unless a plant origin food is fortified. B12 comes from bacteria and can be mainly found in eggs, meat and dairy.

How many bushel of apples in a crate?

1 Bushel is equivalent to 4 Pecks, or 8 Gallons. The number ofbushels per crate would depend on the crate size. If you'rewondering about the number of bushels per bin - this also varies onbin size, but ranges anywhere from 13-28 bushels.

How much juice does an apple contain?

No specific answer can be provided because apples of different sizes and freshness would contain different amounts of juice. Various types and hybrids of apples have different amounts of juice. Finally, different methods of extraction would produce differing amounts of liquid.

Do apple pips contain juice?

No, apple pips (seeds) do not contain usable juice. Apple seedsactually contain natural toxins that can be harmful in largequantities.

How many Apple Is are there?

First only a small number were made (in the low hundreds). When theApple ][ was introduced buyers were permitted to trade in theirApple I machines, which were then destroyed. It is unlikely thatmore than a dozen or so actually exist now.