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How many bags of 40kg coal in a ton?

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A metric ton is 1000 kg (2204.621 lbs). This is nearly equal to a long ton (old English measure for coal) of 2240 lbs. The English (US) short ton measure is 2000 lbs. If a bag is 40 kg then a metric ton would be 25 bags, a short ton a little more than 22 bags and a long ton a little more than 25 bags.
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How many 25 kilo bags in a ton?

40 25-kg bags.

How many 40kg bags of gravel per cubic meter?

Volume of concrete is 1 cu.m. how many 40 kg bags of cement, wet  sand and 3/4 gravel will it take for a mixture of 1:3:4

How many 25kg bags make a ton?

40 bags OF 25 kg make a ton

How many tons of coal does a train car hold?

2 tons   No. A modern coal car carries 120 tons of coal. Some older ones  carry 100 tons. On the B&O division of CSX, coal trains are  usually 80 or 120 car unit trains.

How many BTU per ton of coal?

20 Million BTU   ******************   The heat content of coal varies.   Bituminous coal typically has a gross heating value of 30,600,000 BTU per ton. The net heatin

How many 40kg bags of sand per cubic meter?

it depends on the density, but if we take a density of 1.6 kg/ litre for dry sand it would be 1.6 x 1000 litres = 1600 kg 1600 / 40 = 40 bags

How many 40kg bags of cement in a ton?

A metric ton is 1000kg. 1000/40 = 25. 25 bags required.

How many bags of topsoil to a ton?

It depends on the size of the bags. There are 20 hundredweights to the to but as health and safety czars do not allow builders to lift that, most bags are now 1/2 a cwt so tha

How many 25L bags in 1 ton?

25 litre bags of what? Hydrogen: each 25 litre bag weighs about 2.2g, so about 444939 bags are needed for 1 tonne Mercury: each 25 litre bag weighs about 338.4 kg, so abou