How many civilians died in World War 2?

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Here are some estimates:

The total civilian deaths were as many as 45 million from all causes, the vast majority in China, the USSR, and Eastern Europe. China may have had as many as 16 million killed from all causes including famine.
Soviet Union - 13 to 18 million
China - 10 to 16 million
Germany - 1.5 to 3 million
Japan - 1 million
France - 0.3 million
US - (12,000 including 9500 Merchant Marine)
Great Britain - (67,000 including civilian seamen)

These totals do not include the 6 million Jews and other ethnic groups killed by the Nazi regime.
The total military deaths were over 24 million.
Soviet Union - 9 to 14 million
China - 4 million
Germany - 5 million
Japan - 2.1 million
France - 200,000
US - 407,000
Great Britain - 384,000
It's estimated that around 46 Million civilians were killed during World War 2. 11 Million was due to the Holocaust and around 12 Million (not including Soviet POWs) were killed, so this made the civilian death toll quite high.
It's estimated that 32,166,500 to 49,952,200 died in 'Allied countries.' Then, 958,700 to 3,228,700 are estimated to have been killed in the Third Reich.

Over 60 million people were killed, which was over 2.5% of the world population.
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