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How many days after conception is a baby born?

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About 38 weeks, or 266 days. But really, any time between 250-280 days is a full term range (that's from conception... most dr's count from the first day of your last period- which is typically 14 days longer than the days I wrote).
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How many Conceptions a day?

There are over 4 million babies born in the United States each  year. How many conceptions take place every day is a hard statistic  to count.

How many babys are born a day?

There is no set number of babys born on any given day. It varies for all sorts of reasons. Equally, there are nos set numbers for how many women become pregnant every day.

How many Babies born on labor day?

well, according to a survey 20.24/1000 (2013)population babies are born in India. So a/c to this 24998888.43882 babies born in a year. So on a labour day 68490.10531183562 ba