How many eggs should you eat daily?

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There are no recommended daily intake of eggs. So there is no amount you should consume daily. But just make sure that you don't eat so many eggs that the intake of cholesterol is higher than the amount the body can produce on its own.
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How many grams of sugar should a 21-year-old eat daily?

Answer . \nThe average American/Canadian eats approx. 24 lbs. of sugar a year! Hard to believe isn't it. It's just not the sugar we notice we are using, but hidden sugars in our foods such as Ketchup, jams, soups, etc. If you go to a store read some of the labels on especially canned goods. (MORE)

How many hours in between should a person wait to eat daily?

Many weight loss doctors will tell you to never let yourself get hungry. Eat up to 6 times a day, but very small portions and very low fat/low carbohydrate. Those are the two main sources of weight gaining calories. Eh...let's rethink that a very low fat and carbohydrate diet is stupid. It' (MORE)

How many carbohydrates should a person eat daily?

A health professional told me 15 carbs per meal is not excessive. However, to lose weight, 7 carbs a meal is a reasonable number because your body does require carbs to function normally. . For weight loss, the usual range is 20 to 60 grams daily . You must determine how strict you need to be; (MORE)

How much fat should you eat daily?

The total amount of calories from fat should make up around 30% of your diet. Each gram of fat contains 9kcals. So for example, If you were consuming 1500kcals a day then 30% percent of those calories should be fat. Calculations: 1500kcals / 100 X 30 = 450kcals 450kcals / 9 = 50 grams So (MORE)

How many calories should an eleven year old girl eat daily?

It depends on the child's age, how much exercise they have, and whether they need to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight. For more information and to view examples, see the related questions, further down this page, listed under Related Questions .

Can you eat too many eggs?

Yes. One egg contains nearly 3 1/2 times the daily value of cholesterol. So, if you are eating no other animal products, and your serum cholesterol is below 200, then any more than two eggs per week would be too many eggs. If you eat other animal products, or your cholesterol is over 200, yo (MORE)

Should you eat eggs when you have a fever?

If you're running a fever, you should probably stay with clear liquids like water, tea, apple juice, ginger ale (room temperature). bread and buttermilk.. According to WebMD, when a body is running a fever it is also dehydrating and needs fluids such as water, soups, and juices. Nothing was mentio (MORE)

How much potassium should you eat daily?

The average adult should have a minimum of 2000mg-3000mg of potassium per day. This can be achieved through the natural consumption of certain kinds of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. There are circumstances where potassium is readily lost and needs to be replenished in excess of the mini (MORE)

How many calories should a 10 year old child eat daily?

There are no hard and fast rules, but according to The American Heart Association, a 14 -18 year old girl needs about 1800, boys need closer to 2000. So you should adjust down accordingly for your 10 year old boy or girl. Consider 1500 - 1600 a day depending on sex, body size/height and level of dai (MORE)

Can a 30 year old man eat egg daily?

This would depend on his daily routine.If he is a very active person an egg a day would be good.But if not he could develop cholesterol which would be bad. The yolk of the egg is what is high on fat and cholesterol.The white is pure proteins and they are very good. The 30+ yr old person can ha (MORE)

How much should a horse eat daily?

that's hard to answer with out more information. It all depends on the size and age of your horse. it also depends on how much work your horse does. on the back of the sack of horse feed.. it tells you the guideline daily amounts and how much your horse should approximately be eating

How many calories should an healthy adult eat daily?

A man between the ages of 19 and 30 with a sedentary lifestyle needs 2,400 calories; a more active male requires 200 more. Females between the ages of 19 and 30 with a sedentary lifestyle require 2,000 calories per day; a more active lifestyle requires 200 more as well.

How many eggs can a dog eat?

Most dogs don't like egg whites (though some do), and giving your dog an occasional cooked egg yolk (no salt and pepper) will not hurt him. so is more then 1 a week not good?

What is the most salt you should be eating daily?

Well im in cooking class with a pretty good teacher and she says about onle like 2 tables spoon newtest3THE RDA IS SIX GRAMS.BUT IF YOU EAT PROCESSED FOODS DONT ADD ANY TO YOUR FOOD AS ITS LOADED WITH SALT AS IT IS

How many calories should a child eat daily?

Calories are a measurement used to indicate how much energy a specific drink or food can provide for your body if you consume it. The majority of beverages and foods contain calories, although some -- such as water -- have none. Since calories play a major role in how much you weigh, which can affec (MORE)

How many eggs daily do two chickens have?

The maximum you could possibly get would be two, but don't count on it. A hen will not ever produce more than one egg in any 24 hour period and often it is longer than every 24 hours.

How many kilojoules should a 16 yr old girl eat daily?

None. A "joule" is a unit of work or engery equal to the work done by a force of one newton when it's point of application moves through a distance of one meter or in passing an electric current of one amp of resistance of one ohm per second. People can not eat this.

How many times daily should angelfish eat?

Fully grown Angelfish should be fed morning and evening as much as they will eat in 15 minutes. Uneaten food must be removed immediately. Young Angels should be fed as often as they will eat. (at least every 4 hours) They should have their tummies kept full if possible so that they will grow rapidly (MORE)

How many calories should I eat daily if I am a female 5'3 who weight 208 how many calories a day should I eat to lose weight?

You should consult with your doctor or nutritionist about this as caloric intake is very individual. Someone might be able to lose weight eating 3000 calories whereas someone else might only be able to eat 1500. Most nutrition facts base their daily value percentage on a 2000-calorie diet (and some (MORE)

How many grams of carbs should one eat daily?

You should not eat the carbohydrates in your diet. They are not essential to be eaten. They fallow you in your diet, specially when you eat cereals and pulses as well as most fruits.

Your weight is 167lbs you want to weigh 135 how many calories should you eat daily?

Fewer than you burn. They say that the average man burns 2000-2500 calories a day, and the average woman 1500-2000. Therefore, if you're the average woman you should be consuming 1200-1500, and the average man 1700-2000. Remember though that drinks also contain calories. Also, although consuming (MORE)

How many calories should a 10 year old eat daily?

Depending on your child's current Body Mass Index and activity level, your child may need more or less. About 2200kcal for normal weight boys and 2000kcal for normal weight girls. If your child is overweight, do calorie restriction only under the guidance of a registered dietitian, and increa (MORE)

What should you do if the betta eats the eggs?

Betta's eat eggs! You do not do anything. Betta's very likely will eat tiny eggs. That is just the way they are and there is nothing you can do to change that. I think you may need to add onto this question because it really does not make very much sense. Good luck with whatever you are talking abou (MORE)

How many eggs does an egg eating snake eat in a day?

I have bantams, whose eggs are about 1/2 the size of a regular chickens, and an egg snake at at least 8 of my eggs. Don't listen to people who tell you a snake can't eat more than one egg a day. That is FALSE!!

How many grams of sugar should you eat daily to lose weight?

It's not only sugar that matters. It's the number of calories in it. If you lose 3500 calories than you lose one pound. Therefore, you can't lose weight just by eat less. You NEED to exercise if you want to lose weight. Eating less is never a good thing. But running, jogging and swimming(for exampl (MORE)

What foods should vegetarians eat daily?

Foods you should eat everyday: Dark green leafy greens such as Spinach or Kale Nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts because they're high in natural fiber. Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and whole oats. Yogurt, with active cultures. Peas, lentils, or beans: pinto, kidney, fava, black beans, (MORE)

How many eggs should you eat for one serving of protein?

It depends on what you mean by a serving. The USDA recommendation is for 2-3 servings of protein per day. The average large egg (or the whites of two large eggs) would contribute around 6.3g of protein. This qualifies as one serving. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute considers the two egg (MORE)

Should I eat the whole egg?

Go ahead man, take a bite. There's nothing wrong with getting a little full, all the cool kids are doing it.

How many calories daily should you have?

The amount of recommended calories per day varies depending on age, gender, height, weight, and level of activity. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, the daily calorie intake for adult women should be between 1,600 and 2,400, depending on level of activity. For adult men it ranges from 2,000 (MORE)

How many Easter eggs can you eat?

Most people can eat 5, but are usually sick on the 6th one. Try it, i bet you can't get to 8 unless your fat and really used to eating chocolate.