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How many feet is a roll of sod?

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Typically, a roll of sod is 18" x 36". Two rolls of sod is about one square yard. One square yard of sod is about 9 square feet. Therefore, your roll of sod is approximately 4.5 square feet (you can also get that by multiplying 36" - 3 feet x 18" - 1.5 feet).
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How many square feet are in a skid of sod?

  Sod rolls are 2 feet wide by 5 feet long. Each roll covers 10 square feet.   A full skid of sod contains 75 rolls.   Multiply, length in feet times width in feet d

What is the length and width of a roll of sod?

  Depending upon your application, rolls of sod come in a number of sizes.   Sod can be harvested in small square slabs, rolled rectangles, or large 4-foot wide rolls.

What are the dimensions of a roll of sod?

2' x 4.5', 16"x81", or 2'x5'. The harvester regulates the width as it is fixed and varies between manufacturer but the length is regulated by the farmer or operator.

How much does a roll of sod weigh?

At this point in time....in this current environment....hypothetically....a roll of sod might weigh 50 pounds...give or take 50 pounds. Paul Pinkerton Frederick MD

How much does a roll of sod cost?

Answer   Sod prices will vary by type of material and the region you are in. In the south, the most common grass is Bermuda Tiff 419 and it runs 16-20 cents delivered. If