How many foreign restaurants in America?

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A plethora.
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Which city in America has the most restaurants?

New York City has the most restaurants with more than 23,000 restaurants consisting of a large breadth in ethnic, and gastronomic diversity that is rich in every department, f

What was the first Chinese restaurant in America?

Some people might think the first Chinese restaurant was in NewYork, but an Internet search found several sources that say thefirst ones were opened in California during the G

Foreign restaurant is better then local in Pakistan?

No no it is useless to say that foreign restaurants are better thanPakistan's local restaurants now a days because now Pakistan's local restaurants are providing you thebest

Is there a good burger restaurant in America?

Good depends on each person's taste. There are may popular burger restaurants in the U.S. and many restaurants serve burgers even if they aren't predominantly burger restauran
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How many foreign troops are stationed in America?

I don't have a hard number but it's probably a few hundred atleast. We have foreign troops going through Airborne School, forexample. There was a story a few years ago when th