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How many gallons of gas does a tanker truck hold?

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Typically about 8800 gallons (33,300 liters)
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How many liters are there in a tanker truck?

A semi trailer in Australia can carry 40 000 litres of unleaded petrol and a B double carries 57 000 litres due to on road weight restrictions. B double fuel tankers have spac

How many gallons in a railroad tanker?

Actually, railroad tank sizes differ as much or more in volumetric capacity than their road-going counterparts. American Railcar manufactures tank cars; a few of their offerin

How many gallons of gas does a oil tanker carry?

Assuming you mean the cargo and not the fuel to power the tanker... 172 million gallons of oil. (42 gallons per barrel, times 4.1m bbl per the article below)     "

How many gallons of water does the tank of a truck hold?

  The question is not very specific. There are many kinds of water tankers. A water tanker truck, of the largest 18 wheeler kind, can carry about 30 tons of water. Which

How manys gallons of gas does a Chevy Suburban hold?

45 gallons of gas. One should not run it below a quarter tank full because the fuel cools the electric fuel pump. Running the tank below a quarter full tends to allow the pump

How many gallons in a tanker truck?

Any where from 6,000 gallon up to 8,000 gallon depending on the product loaded it's more a matter of legal gross weight can not exceed 80,000lbs for a 16 wheeler

How many gallons of gas does a 1992 Ford Ranger 6 cylinder truck hold?

It depends on the size of your Ranger. First of all I would suggest look in your truck or owner's manual. That should tell you what size of a tank you have. If you don't have

How many gallons of gas does a 2007 Honda Accord hold?

A 2007 Honda Accord can hold just over 17 gallons go gas. The  approximate number is 17.09. Most cars tend to rarely use the whole  tank as gas lights come on approximately