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How many gallons of water are in a pool 16 x 32 feet that is 8.5 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shalow end?

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Many pool chemical products require that you know the amount of water your pool holds so that you correctly use their product. I found a quick formula for my oval pool on the back of one such product found at my local home improvement center: length x width x avg. depth x 5.9 = total gallons. For your specific question to be answered correctly, the shape of your pool is needed. However, if your pool is oval like mine, the answer would be approximately 17,370 gallons. After briefly researching the calculation for a rectangular pool, the formula to use is: length x width x avg depth x 7.5 If your pool is rectangular, the answer then becomes approximately 22,080 gallons.
One cubic foot of water contains 7.48 gallons. Figure the size of the pool by cubic feet and multiply.
Go to www.poolandspachemicals.co and put in your numbers and they wiil tell u

Assuming that the average water level would be 5.75' (8.5 + 3 / 2), you would figure it as 16 x 32 x 5.75= 2944 cubic feet x 7.48 (gallons per cubic foot) = 22,021 gallons
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How many gallons of water to fill a 12x30 ft pool 3 feet deep?

  Answer   It's been along time but I thing one cubic foot = 3 Gallons. Multiply 12x30x3=1080 Cubic feet. 1080x3=3240 gallons. I may be wrong about the gallons per c

How many gallons of water in 12 feet x 3 feet pool?

A round pool that is 12 feet across and is filled to a depth of 3 feet contains 2,548.8 gallons of water.

How many gallons are in a pool 18 feet x 38 feet that is 5 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shallow end?

  That is not enough information to tell you how many gallons are in the pool. The length/width of the deep/shallow end individually are needed for an approximation. I

16 foot round pool by 4 feet deep How many gallons of water is there?

I am on my sixth beer so I don't know if you talking about a 16 foot perimeter or a 16 food diameter... if its a 16 foot diameter then 22773.83 gallons... That's to the very