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I'm addicted to Freerice.com and just had to know the answer to this. I measured out Uncle Ben's brown rice grains on a gram scale and repeatedly got 50-60 grains of rice per gram. On the package, 47g is 1/4 cup, so there are 188g of Uncle Ben's in a cup. Multiply 188g times 55 grains and you get 10,340 grains in a cup. I've seen estimates of 1000 grains in a cup elsewhere on the internet, so I suppose it depends on the type of rice we're talking about.

Thats probably right that might be why on freerice.com every thousand you get a pic of what you've donated goes to its own group on the left side. I love freerice.com!!!!!

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How many atoms are in a grain of rice?

A very rough approximation would be in the order of 1023 atoms, ie a 1 followed by 23 zeros, which is a very big number. Given that there are over 10^21 atoms in a large gra

How many calories in one cup of cooked long grain white rice?

There are:     approx 205 calories in one cup (5.6 oz, 158g) of long grain, white, cooked rice.  

How many grains of rice are a meal?

a lot. About 7,200 grains are in a cup so it depends on how much rice you want. If you want a cup of rice, there would be about 7,000 grains for one plate of rice.

How many grains of rice are in one cup?

Answer: Approximately 7,200 grains of rice are in a cup.    Explanation: A grain of rice weighs between 20 and 30 mg. A cup of rice weighs about 7 oz or about 217724mg.

How many cups is 1000 grains of rice?

Approximately 7,200 grains of rice per cup when assuming that the average weight of a cup of rice is about 7 oz or 217724 mg and a grain of rice is between 20~24 mg.

How many grains of rice are in a bushel?

  1,305,000 grains per bushel Figure comes from 45 pounds of rice per bushel: 29,000 grains of rice per pound This only works with long grain rice
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How many grains of cooked rice are there in one cup?

approximately 15,000 grains of rice are there in one cup of rice   >   >   >   >   >The '~15K' answer, above, reminds me strongly of a quote I use frequently;