How many hand guns are there in the US?

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No exact answer, as there is no exact record- a good estimate is about 120 million privately owned handguns in the US.
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How do you use 45 hand gun?

Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean for what reason or do you mean how do you shoot it?

Why were hand guns used in ww1?

They were easier to carry.. They were only used as a second firearm and never a primary weapon. It is their last line of defence.

Why did many soldiers use a hand gun?

Handguns were used in the first world war extensively because they were easier to wield in trench warfare. Since then they have been primarily issued to troops who for confi

Can a left handed person use a right handed gun?

no not really but it is possible :p . Left handed people use "right handed" guns all the time since there are very few left handed guns. . Most of the issues are related to

How many hand guns are made in the us a day?

The most current year that data is available for is 2005. In that year, US manufacturers produced 1,088,827 handguns. Not quite 3,000 per day. That does not count handguns tha

Can you use a hand gun to hunt?

Laws vary from place to place, but in many places, handguns that meet minimum energy levels CAN legally be used for hunting. There are handguns that were specifically made for
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Should hand guns be allowed in the US?

Your question asks for an opinion. My opinion is that they should. When private possession of firearms goes up, crime decreases.
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How many hand guns are bigger than the 40 MM hand gun?

A 40mm handgun would fire a bullet the size of a golf ball. No such critter. There IS a .40 caliber handgun (about 10mm). There are dozens of larger caliber handguns than .40