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There are 15 islands: seven low-lying, almost deserted islands and atolls in the northern Cook Islands and eight elevated and fertile islands in the southern Cook Islands, which is where the majority of the population lives.
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What is the national sport for the cook islands?

There isn't one particular national sport of the Cook Islands. The constitution for a particular national sport is based on what the local populations are best known for, or a

Where are the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands are in Oceania, in the South Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. They are just east of Tonga and Fiji, and west of French Polynesia

What are the names of the islands in the cook islands?

There are 15 islands (2 uninhabited. North to south, they are... Penrhyn (aka Tongareva), Rakahanga, Manihiki, Pukapuka, Nassau, Suwarrow (Suvarov) , Palmerston, Aitutaki, Ma

How do you count to ten in the cook islands?

1-tai 2-rua 3-toru 4-a 5-rima 6-ono 7-itu 8-varu 9-iva 10-tai ngauru 20- rua ngauru 30-toru ngauru 11-tai ngauru ma tai 12-tai ngauru ma rua 32-toru ngauru ma rua

What is the National costume for the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands do not have a cultural costume, such as the Indian sari or the Tongan taovala. However, the preferred 'cultural' dress for Cook Islanders is a common Pasifika

What is the haircutting ceremony in the cook islands about?

The haircutting ceremony is a rite of passage for young boys. At these large gatherings the boy sits on a chair draped with tīvaevae (quilts). As his hair is cut, members of

How do you say hello in cook island?

The common greeting in the Cook Islands is 'kia orana' (pronounced KEE-YAH OR-AH-NAH), which means "may you live long". Other islands in the Cooks also use other expressions