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How many kw does a hairdryer use?

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A hairdryer uses 0.2 kWh
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Why is it unsafe to use a hairdryer in the bathtub?

  It is not safe because (1) without safety equipment installed in the power box of the home dropping same in the tub with you in it will almost certainly kill you as the

Health and safety when using the hairdryer?

The hair dryer is a common household object used to dry hair at a  quicker rate. However, if the hair dryer is placed too close, one  could risk injuries from burns and scal

How do you use a hairdryer?

The hand held hair driers found in most homes are simple to use. They usually have two heat settings. high heat for drying and low heat for styling. For drying hair, use the h

How many kw does a home use?

The KW of a home depends on the amount of electrical equipment in the home. An electric utilization equipment such as an electric heater, air conditioner, water heater, stove

How many decibels is a hairdryer producing?

In one meter distance the hairdryer can be 60 dBSPL. Never forget to tell the distance of the measuring microphone from the the hairdryer , because the closer you are to the t

How many watts does a hairdryer use?

It depends on the model, if the hair dryer is a 1500 watt hair dryer, then it uses 1500 watts on high heat. If the hair dryer is a 2000 watt hair dryer, then it uses 2000 wa