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How many kw does a hairdryer use?

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A hairdryer uses 0.2 kWh
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What is 6.5 kW converted to horsepower?

6.5 kW = ~8.72 horsepower.

How do you convert KW hrs to BTU?

kW-h x 3,412.14 = BTU

How much horsepower when have 5.3 kw?

5.3 kW is about 7.1 horsepower.

How much does a hairdryer weigh?

Ah, now I see it, there must be a homework series asking for weights. A hairdryer would weigh around one to two pounds. Find one at home and borrow the kitchen scales.

How many kW per hour does a computer use?

Improper question; change the question so it is either "How many kWh per hour does a computer use?" or "How many kW does a computer use?" The term "kW" means "kWh/h."  

How many houses can 1 kw power?

None. In Europe most houses are supplied with about 14 to 18kW. A basic electric kettle is about 1.5kW. A water heater 3kW. An electric oven/hob 5 to 7 kW. Add in lighting, so