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How many licensed drivers are there in the US?

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*Approximately 88% of the adult U.S. population currently has a drivers license, which is about 193,552,000 people 18+ (Winter '09, Simmons)-EK _____________________________________________________________________ *The USA has between 202 million to 240 million licensed drivers (2006 estimation).-EK
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How many license drivers are there in Florida?

According to the Florida Department of Highway Saftey & Motor Vechiles   http://www.flhsmv.gov/reports/facts_dl.html   Actual 2003-2004 Estimated 2004-2005 Estimated 200

How many points can you get on your drivers license in sc?

  A South Carolina speeding ticket will be posted to your record and your license will be suspended if you reach twelve points. In addition, your insurance will increase d

Can you use your Mexican driver license?

To drive in the US or Canada? No, but you can use your passport for the same purposes, including renting a car. You could also get an international driver's licence. Actual