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How many light bulbs are in an average house?

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Light bulb averages?

  If they are ge thay could last a day or a week, if you do not turn the light on they could last forever,

How many light bulbs are in the average American household?

This just an example of how to answer this question: 1 in the porch outside the front door? 1 outside the back door or on the balcony if it's an apartment? 1 in the hall

A gas used in house light bulbs?

Argon. As an inert gas, it makes the filament last longer. Some light bulbs also use Krypton.

Average weight of light bulb?

The average weight of any light bulb varies from type to type.  Brands also play a factor in the weight of light bulbs. Typically  the average weight of a light bulb is abou

How many bulbs are in a average tv?

  In older "tube" televisions, there is one bulb that produces light and reflects throughout the Television Housing. Newer LCD and Plasma screens use totally different t