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How many light bulbs are in an average house?

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How many volts are there in a light bulb?

That depends on the type of light bulb and the application. A  standard house hold incandescent bulb draw in the neighborhood of  120v or 240v ac depending on the country yo

How many light bulbs are in the average American household?

This just an example of how to answer this question: 1 in the porch outside the front door? 1 outside the back door or on the balcony if it's an apartment? 1 in the hall

How many 60 watt light bulbs can a 300 volt wire on a standard 120 amp house current safely light?

You are perhaps confusing your terms. However, you should be able to figure out what you want from a few formulas. Voltage = Current x Resistance Watts = Volts x Amps A standa

How many volts does a light bulb take?

Light bulbs are made according to where they will be used and what voltage is generally available for that location. In a house, 120 volts is the standard, so household bulbs

How many light bulbs are there in the world?

Answer   According to fastcompany.com: "Last year, U.S. consumers spent about $1 billion to buy about 2 billion lightbulbs--5.5 million every day."     According

Average weight of light bulb?

The average weight of any light bulb varies from type to type.  Brands also play a factor in the weight of light bulbs. Typically  the average weight of a light bulb is abou

How many watts is your light bulb?

  Every person has a different power of light bulb. In my room, I have a 7.5 and a whole bunch of 60s. The number of watts you choose for your light bulb depends on how br

How many watts does a light bulb use?

Answer #1:   Anywhere from 1 (power saver) to  200 (filament/halogen).   ====   Answer #2:   It depends on the bulb and its rating. Household incandescent bul