How many liters of cement in a 50 kg bag?

A 50kg bag of cement is generally 33l.
Generally 2 x 50kg bags fill 1 x 65l wheelbarrow.
If you are unsure, read the back of the bag. Or check with your manufacturer.

The RD is a comparison with the same volume of water at a controlled temperature. This should not be used to calculate the volume of cement in a bag.

Use the Bulk Density of that type of cement. That info can be obtained from the manufacturer.
An example is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) has a bulk density of 1500kg/m3.
This means it is 1.5kg/l.
50kg/1.5 = 33.3l.
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How many 50 kg bag of rice make 500 ton?

This is sort of a math equation. But 500,000 kg divided by 50 kg bags equal 10,000 bags of 50 kg bags of rice.
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How many pounds in cement bags?

A U.S. bag (or sack) of cement contains 94 lbs. Note this is for cement not premixed concrete where you just add water. The origin of 94 lbs/sack for cement comes from 1 cubic (MORE)

What is the volume of 50 kg cement in cubic -metre?

as unit weight of cement varies from 830kg/cu.m-1650kg/cu.m volume of cement of 50 kg. varies 0.060241cu.m to 0.030303cu.mif the cement is port-land cement unit weight would (MORE)

How many cubic meter per 1 bag cement 40 kg?

One cubic meter of concrete is equal to 1.308 cubic yards of concrete. If there are 5 1/2 bags of cement in 1 cubic yard of concrete, there would be 7.2 bags in 1 cubic meter (MORE)
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