How many moons are there in the solar system?

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There are 178 known moons in the Solar System. The planet which has the most natural satellites is Jupiter with 66. There are also 104 asteroid moons and as many as 58 satellites of potential dwarf planet candidates.

Major Planets (171)
  • Mercury does not have any natural satellites (moons)
  • Venus does not have any natural satellites (moons).
  • Earth has 1 natural satellite (moon) called 'The Moon' or Luna (asteroid Cruithne orbits the Sun in a 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth)
  • Mars has 2 natural satellites (moons)
  • Jupiter has 66 natural satellites (moons)
  • Saturn has 62 (+1 unconfirmed) natural satellites (moons) and over 150 moonlets
  • Uranus has 27 natural satellites (moons)
  • Neptune has 13 natural satellites (moons)

Dwarf Planets (7)
  • Pluto has 4
  • Eris has 1
  • Haumea has 2
  • Ceres has none
  • Makemake has none

*For a complete list, see the related link below. There is also a link to more information at the Nine Planets website.
Planet/# of moons
Uranus- 27
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How can there be so many moons in the solar system?

Because the solar system was formed from a lot of material like dust, rock and gas which over millions of years have come together by the effect of gravity to make up planets

How many known moons are in the solar system?

166 moons of planets: Earth - 1 Mars - 2 Jupiter - 63 Saturn - 60 Uranus - 27 Neptune - 13 . 6 moons of dwarf planets dwarf planets:. Pluto - 3. Haumea - 2. E

How many planets in a your solar system have no moon?

Of the eight planets in the Solar System, the only two that have no moons are Mercury and Venus. Earth has one moon, Mars two, and the gas giants Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Nep

How many moons do the planets in the solar system have?

Here is a list of planets from Sol (the sun) out. The number of known moons is listed next to each one, with the total below. . Mercury [0] . Venus [0] . Earth [1] . Mar