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How many people die from alcohol related car accidents in the us each year?

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Answer: In 2005, there were 16,885 alcohol related car accident fatalities out of a total of 43,443 car accident fatalities (39%).
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How many people die each year from car accidents worldwide?

  Somewhere around 1.2 million, according to the World Health Organization in March of 2004. Due to increased population and more vehicles on the road, this number has lik

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How many people die from alcohol related issues in the US every year?

Alcohol Impaired Driving Statistics   Total Fatalities / Fatality Rates   250,000 people have died in alcohol related accidents in the past 10 years.Presently 25,000 peo

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How many people year die from alcohol related accidents?

  It's hard to find statistics on all alcohol-related accidents but there are many answers on drink-driving deaths, it seems to be around 14,000 a-year (I think that's in

How many people die each year from fishing accidents?

Fishing it now the most dangrous sport. More people die of fishing then they do of ski-ing, ski-diving, base jumping and snowboarding all put together. Approxamitly 100,000,00

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The number of teenagers that die each year from traffic accidents is > 5000. About one quarter of those will be legally drunk. In 2005, twelve teens ages 16 to 19 died every d